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Address Al Nozha Area, Taha Hussien Rd. from Joseph Tito Rd.
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Zygon is derived from an Ancient Greek word (zugón,“yoke”).

It’s a noun and has two definitions:
1. anatomy: in the cerebrum, the short crossbar or stem that connects the two pairs of branches of a zygal fissure
2. music: affinity or connection in music between tones, chords, or phrases, such that one part appears to repeat, to imitate, or to derive from the other

For us, we are a connecting piece in many ways.

CrossFit Zygon connects CrossFit and Egypt. We bridge the two worlds together to bring health, excitement, challenge, positivity, and total fitness to the people in our community.
We also connect the individuals in our community. We have an atmosphere where everyone of all shapes, sizes, gender, and abilities are welcomed to join together and get fit.
CrossFit Zygon even connects an individual to their health and fitness. We are here to help and motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

We are here to provide our community with the most unique gym and the most effective programs you will find in the country.

Our goal is to inspire our members to gain healthier, stronger more rewarding lives through the challenges we have to offer.

Strive to give 110% effort in all you do and watch the amazing results you will achieve!

Our Story
We are an American-Egyptian family who have traveled and lived all over the world. We are bringing what we have seen abroad, to Egypt.

There are 3 levels of space in this renovated factory. The ground floor is fully loaded with Crossfit equipment. The second floor has an open space for classes of all variety. The roof has segregated men and women showers and bathrooms.

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