Crossing the Atlantic Ocean: A new adventure by Omar Samra and Omar Nour

Omar Samra Rowing Main

Omar Samra and Omar Nour are up for a new adventure. This time, no mountains involved. The O2 team will be CROSSING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ROWING, yes, that’s right. How cool is this? They are getting themselves ready for a big event in December, where they will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean unsupported for 5000Km enduring 50-foot waves, crazy storms, sleep deprivation and extreme isolation.

Rowing Team

That’s why they will be rowing for two days, from 7 pm, Friday the 29th of September to 7 pm Sunday 1st of October.  Omar Samra mentioned on his official Facebook Page that he had a total rowing experience of 30 minutes before he signed up to the challenge, that’s it, which we find very challenging and interesting.

Omar Samra Engine Event

Will they be up to the challenge? We’re pretty excited to watch them cross that finish line. You can follow up with all challenge-related new from the comfort of your own home on the hashtag #RowWithTeamO2.  Or, if you’re into rowing, try something out of your comfort zone and join them on their new adventure. There will be extra rowing machines for those interested. The event will be held crossfitengine38 , Sheikh Zayed City. Check event details here.


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