Dania Abdel-Kader, A Rising Functional trainIng Athlete and Coach

Dania AbdelKader Befit

Dania Abdel-Kader

The 22 years old Dania Abdel-Kader started her athletic journey when she was 18, transitioning from high school to school of engineering. She had a background in basketball, playing for around 7 years before she started exploring the world of fitness. She started with lots of cardio and exercises, at that time, she was extremely weak and her body was pretty skinny.

Dania Abdel Kader

Dania was introduced to CrossFit in Nov. 2015, where she started training with Asser El-sawaf for 2 years.

Trainer to Coach

Dania Abdel Kader

Dania was gradually improving in training, so she took CrossFit level 1 course in 2017. She thought why not join Asser (her fiancé) in coaching. In July 2017, Dania started coaching her own classes, she stayed in Hit fitness center for a year and a half, then became part of BeFit Alexandria in Feb. 2019.

Function and Strength

Dania Abdel Kader

 “Before moving to BeFit, In Nov. 2018, I dislocated my elbow which was a very drastic time. My mentality changed about CrossFit, I was never competitive before, but my training changed since the dislocation into basic functional and strength training. I’m now coaching / training group sessions and personal training individuals. I completed my level 4 PT diploma in Jan 2020, and I’ve just recieved my certificate for movement and mobility specialist course.”

Body mechanics

Dania Abdel Kader

“I believe in the perfect body mechanics, the perfect form. Earlier this year, I took a couple of workshops, and I now hold CrossFit level 1, level 4 PT diploma, and multiple AFPT diplomas. Working alongside my engineering studies was a hassle on top of a hassle, it took me time, strategy, and energy to manage my time wisely. I got a considerable amount of support to get where I am today, and I owe a lot of people around me for guiding and supporting me through it all. I’m grateful for them.”

Switch the endorphins on

Dania Abdel Kader

“My passion towards wellness is unexplainable. I believe that bodies are meant to move. The endorphins I get after any outdoor run/strength training session/late night stretch/some racket by the beach is unexplainable. I encourage people to only start, even the first step, no matter how small, will take you a long shot. Search for the right community, the most suitable coach, and an enlivening environment. Start slow, start afraid, but just start, and pick it up on your way!”

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