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Deers Gym

What do women want?

A big controversial question that we might not find an answer for in a lifetime!

But actually what do women want to leave the couch, go to a near place or fitness venue, and stick to a fitness and health program?


deers Egypt” searched for the answer among New Cairo. They found that there are always 2 barriers for women when it comes to getting fit. Because of women’s nature, they get bored easily and walking on the treadmill doesn’t seem to motivate them. The second barrier is they don’t have a convenient safe place to leave their kids during workout time.

And deers Egypt smashed those 2 barriers!


deers Egypt is a wellness center  that offers group training classes for women and kids simultaneously . They do believe that this is the current trend that makes women get motivated to dedicate to the class timing and that exercising with a group of people has better impact and results. “deers Egypt” is considered #1 in the market when it comes to the wide range of classes, they have more than 25 types of classes; all the kinds of dancing classes, boxing , boot camp, meditation and 4 types of yoga (Ariel Yoga – Vinyasa Yin Yoga – Hatha Flow Yoga – Yin Yoga). In addition, they have Pole dancing, Ballet, Gymnastics schools and etc..


They provide women with the common thing that they all searching for. “deers Egypt” is provided with a clean convenient kids’ area that welcomes kids from 3 month age. It’s a cozy area supervised by teachers and nannies and equipped with cameras, so you can see your little ones while having your workout.


Besides deers Egypt” offers various classes to kids starting 3 years old. They have Ballet?Gymnastics school operated by instructors from Cairo Opera House and Egyptian National Team. In addition to that there are hip hop classes, Zumba, Flexibility, and Jumping classes. Ladies and kids classes operate at the same time, so the woman works out while her kid is in his/her class.


A friendly cozy atmosphere from the first step


This is how we felt the moment we stepped into “deers Egypt“. “deers Egypt” team is a very friendly one that offers orientation tour all over the place to any new member. The second important thing is guidance they provide for any women in choosing the classes that best suits her.


At “deers Egypt“, there are 2 steps taken that holds scientific advising. The first is that you meet deers’ nutritionist, Dr Dina El Nemr, one of the best nutritionists in Egypt, to determine the health and fitness state of the participant. The second one is stepping on a very advanced body composition machine that helps in giving some recommendations regarding the type of classes the body needs and the muscles that need training. The nutritionist prepares a file with the status of the participant and hands it to the fitness manager. The process doesn’t stop at joining the participant the suitable class, but this exercise is repeated after a while to track the progress achieved since joining the fitness class(es). Moreover, participants have the opportunity to meet the nutritionist any number of times to ask for healthy diets and tips.

Voice of customer is the key of success

deers Egypt” value the importance of listening to customers’ opinions and suggestions. That’s why they have the feedback sheets the customers fill after every session giving them a room to say their concerns /complains and evaluate instructors and classes. They also conduct some surveys every now and then among participants to take their opinions in how to develop the studio and the new classes they have to include.


A round through the classes


We attended 3 classes; Zumba, Jazzercise, and Hip Hop.

The distinguished common thing about deers’ classes is that each instructor is keen to build up a relation between her and the participants through fun and motivation, each in her own way.

The Zumba class

This class is run by Israa Galal, the famous Zumba and jumping instructor. Zumba will always remain the favorite of all times with its challenging hype and loud Latin tunes. With the quick nature of the class, Israa managed to calm the participants when it comes to mixing some moves as for most of them it was the first or second time to try Zumba. She was very detailed in orientation and assured that Zumba is not about counting to yourself, but it’s more of following the rhythm of the music. She was alert to each lady in the class. Her attitude was very friendly and motivating, she kept on encourages the participants with words and gestures.

 The jazzercise class

Jazzercise is run by Hayat Hassan. It’s very important when it comes to increasing strength and core. The class was dominated by the funny attitude of the instructor even in correcting mistakes. Throughout the class, she was keen on giving participants alternatives to moves they find difficult and she monitored if all the participants were doing the move in the right way in order not to negatively affect their backs or knees. At the end of the class, she highlighted the importance of stretching and gave the ladies some fitness tips.

The hip hop class

The instructor didn’t start with any sort of fitness tips, she started with asking the ladies to enjoy as this is their me time whatever is their body shape or fitness level is. The class was a sort of a positive fight that burns calories. The fast rhythm of the instructor encouraged that participants to move quickly and exercise strongly.




With deers you will enjoy 4 very important aspects:

-The variety as of course you will always find something interesting and suitable to try in 25 different types of classes.

-The professionalism in guiding you to the thing that suits your body through a specialized team.

-The safety of your kids in a clean kids’ area observed by cameras.

-The very high level of Hygiene. Everything is clean, organized., and well prepared.

Join now!

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Address Street 53, 2nd district, Grand Plaza Mall, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 01200224044

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