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Even though so many people see and think  that Yoga and CrossFit are incredibly different, as CrossFit is loud, intense, aggressive & competitive,  while Yoga, on the other hand, is quiet , all about finding peace, being mindful  opening your heart & not competing , But the real deal is, that when you look deeper at both roots, you will find some commonalities and ways in which they complement each other.Being healthy, existing in the now, connecting with your breath, being non-judgmental, being supportive to others, staying calm and focused, clear, balanced, strong, determined, organized, punctual, The list goes on and as you may have noticed, the only real difference is the competitive attitudes.

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In yoga we try not to compete with anyone whereas CrossFit stimulates your competitive mode. This is where I believe the two balance each other out the best. Yoga keeps you humble and grateful, CrossFit keeps you continually pushing your own limits, yoga teaches you to understand and honor your boundaries, and both build confidence to do what you may have never dreamed to be possible.

CrossFitters will experience the profound benefits of Yoga, that even go beyond physical and yogis will experience a great deal of physical strength and power , it will also put the yogi in constant tests of him mind control abilities , which will put his original practice in  action .I now say in my humble opinion , that i believe that you cannot have one without the other.

Research shows that the two types of individuals most prone to injury are individuals who are too flexible and individuals that are too tight. The first causes laxity in the joint, the latter causes problems such as loss of range of motion and pulling of the musculature on the skeletal structure causing improper alignment.

I totally recommend that CrossFit athletes supplement CrossFit with a yoga practice about twice a week, and i highly recommend the same to YOGIS.
flexible people or YOGIS are also prone to injuries due to the lack of certain strength ,  The reason for this is that flexibility training on a regular basis causes connective tissues to stretch which in turn causes them to loosen and elongate.

When the connective tissue of a muscle is weak, it is more likely to become damaged due to overstretching, or sudden, powerful muscular contractions. The likelihood of such injury can be prevented by strengthening the muscles bound by the connective tissue. Therefore ,dynamic strength training consisting of dynamic exercises with weights and isometric tension exercises.

Seeing as how most CrossFit box’s run their  programs , it would be best if a yoga practice is added to the program twice a week , Another option would be a post WOD short practice as 30 minutes to help alleviate the tightness and soreness that occurs after the WOD. I would never recommend a yoga practice right before a WOD as researches showed that after an intense session of stretching, you lose the ability to produce maximum force in your musculature for about an hour or so.

Do Yoga & CrossFit.

Sally Awad
700 RYT and a recent CrossFit Student

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