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Social media has become the go to space for anyone and everyone interested in health and fitness, so much so it’s hard to evaluate what´s mere eye Candy and stunts from what’s useful and inspirational. With that in mind we’ve lined up the best gym and or fitness accounts in Cairo that you should be following.


Khaled Amin will help you kick up your routine up a notch. This elite trainer combines calisthenics with functional body building to enhance your athletics and aestetics. His exercises are high energy, challenging and empowering. In addition to his programs and jaw dropping transformations he also provides key nuggets of scientifically proven nutrition and training tips daily, making his account an educative and inspiring one.


Despite her IG name there is nothing big about this pint-sized powerhouse except her reach. Zeina rocks, no one has single handedly encouraged so many women, who otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable to train to lace up their trainers and sweat. Through Rahet Bally Mama Transformation programs Zeina is transforming new mums by providing a safe environment with childcare. Her IG is packed with nutrition tips, question and answer sessions, inspiration and gratitude from her clients that will melt your heart.


The bad boy of fitness in Egypt today, this tattooed ex AUC international Rugby player turned pro body builder tells it like it is. Have you ever wondered what it takes to compete and win on an international stage? Ammar will take you on his journey, the trials and tribulations are laid for all to see with brutal honesty – this account is pure blood, sweat and tears with a good dose of no-nonsense rules to achieve success personally, in business and in a sporting arena.


OK whilst she isn’t technically Egyptian, she has changed the landscape of the fitness industry in Egypt. Egypt continues to benefit from her continuous efforts to upgrade the fitness community through innovation and education. Check out Golds Studio, the new approach to group training. Her Instagram is a must to see for upcoming fitness events and certifications for budding trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike.


Although all the trainers at LA7 look like super heroes, we choose this account for the sheer quantity of free advice and information. This guy has your back, from home workouts to beach workouts they are all here. Designed to focus on performance and real change you’ll find plenty to choose from. Ask Ahmed and he will give you his informed opinion. So, if you don’t have a gym membership and you want to start, or you need to some inspiration while you’re at the gym follow and open this page – you’ll won’t regret it.


This fitness account is wonderful mix of self-reflection and female empowerment. A mix of high fashion and high intensity fitness this girl is a go getter. Aya shares her at home high energy workouts, meal prep, food, cheat meals and her insecurities (yes even with the body of a model she shares with us her typical female frustrations.) This babe with a kick ass attitude has a raw and genuine account that is motivational, funny and heartwarming


Ezz understands the importance of building a community as illustrated by his #TEAMEZZ, his account is dedicated to fostering community spirts and teamwork. There is a great sense of camaraderie and purpose. The shear variety of exercises demonstrated by Ezz and his clients will have you ready to switch it up at the gym and try new stuff. As a bonus factor, there is a healthy splattering of celebrity endorsement as he is keenly sought out by actors and actresses alike.


The Fitness Director at Ignite Egypt has some guns to prove her dedication to fitness and some jaw droopingly beautiful dresses to show her dedication to fashion. A woman who doesn’t do things by halves this fashion designer proves passion is a super power.  She already has a TED talk and she´s been interviewed by the BBC. Her sleek body, radiant smile and positive outlook teaches us to work toward our goals, dig deep and don’t give up.


As firm believer in the symbiotic relationship between training and nutrition, included here is an exemplary accountjam-packedd with advice on the two interconnected subjects. This guy answers all his followers’ questions, cuts to the chase and provides his audience with plenty of science-based facts. Additionally, he doesn’t take himself too seriously so there is plenty of laughs along the way. Follow and let him help you improve your body composition.


This proud Egytpian is a curly haired bundle of energy, although she is based in Kuwait she embodies strong is the new skinny. She is a must follow for female fitspo. She provides tons of nutition advice and colourful meal ideas. With regard to training she breaks down the movement with progressions and regressions, as well as giving rehab and activation techniques and tips. In short real advice for real women daily. If you want someone with heaps of know-how and positivity this is the account for you.

So, our ten accounts are quite a mixed bag coming from various strands of the gym community (don’t worry we will tackle the CrossFit and yoga accounts at a later juncture). Each of these accounts was selected not for the number of followers they have, for the aesthetics (eye candy value) or for beautiful photography but instead these accounts were selected with you the follower/viewer in mind, whatever your gender, sporting ability, background or goals, these accounts have got the right ingredients to help, from inspiration to mindset. Make sure you check them out.

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Victoria Haig
10 years in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Madrid, Beijing, and now Cairo. Since arriving to Egypt in late 2013 Victoria has continued her professional journey. As a specialist in fat loss, muscle gain and lifestyle coaching Victoria has personally helped countless people get into the best shape of their lives – her greatest asset is her ability to foster a loyal customer base with extremely high customer retention.