Dr. Mohamed Wafaay: the man behind the well-being of your favorite athletes

Dr. Wafaay Main

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Doctor Mohamed Wafaay Makady. I have a master degree in Physical Therapy, A DPT in Physical Therapy, and an advanced manual therapy diploma from Sheffield, UK.  In 2011, I used to work in the German Center in Mohandseen as a physiotherapist and a sports injury specialist. In 2014, I decided to open my own physical therapy clinic, ‘Physio cure’.

What kinds of sports do you come across / treat more often?

I am currently focusing on treating football, swimming, squash, tennis, CrossFit, and gym related injuries.


Dr Wafaay Physio

Anyone famous?

Sure, I get lots of Al Ahly team football players and some of the Egyptian National team squash players. Actually, one of my patients is the world squash champion.

Dr Wafaay Physio


Dr Wafaay Physio

What is your process for injury treatment?

First, we assess the case and do muscles test to see what the injury is like. We then decide on a treatment program and do follow-ups to avoid any complications. In the follow-ups, we help the athlete by setting training schedules and guiding them to what they can and can’t-do during the treatment process because each injury is different. After the treatment process is over, I usually see my patients once per month to make sure that everything is alright.

There are two types of people, acute and chronic. The acute are those who show up right after they get injured. The chronic, on the other hand, wait for a while before they decide to seek help, which makes the process harder and longer.


If you were to give one advice or tip to gym enthusiast and athletes, what would that be?

Actually, I have 3 important tips:

  • Don’t over lift; each person has limits, don’t stress your muscles and joints. Focus on the technique, not the weights. And remember that, you should focus on endurance first then bulking comes next.
  • Don’t forget to warm up before each and every workout
  • Put ice on your muscles and joints after every workout to prevent any inflammations
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