Dr. Rasha Elbaramawy Nutrition 101 for dummies/foodies

Rasha Baramawy

Nutrition is essential for every one of us, whether it’s for health maintenance, or body transformation. Nutrition is the science of taking in and utilizing food. In order to understand this science you need to be familiar with its terms: Calories, macros, micros, timing and supplements. Read along what Dr. Rasha El Baramawy shared with us to know what each word stands for.

Calorie intake

Calorie intake It is the energy balance that determines whether weight will be gained or lost. If you eat less than what your body needs you lose weight and if you eat more, you gain weight.

Nutrition 101 - Rasha Baramawy


Macronutrients are divided into proteins, fats and carbs, which are what make up all the food we eat.

These 3 macros determine if the weight lost or gained is in form of fats or muscle mass.


Micronutrients are minerals and vitamins (Vit B,C,D,zinc,iron etc.), that despite our bodies needing only traces of them, they are highly essential and have a huge impact on our general health. We need to make sure they are sufficiently provided to our bodies on daily bases.

Nutrition 101 - Rasha Baramawy


Nutrient timing is what you eat and when. For example: Do I have the protein shake after or before I work out? Or When is the best time of the day to eat nuts?

Rasha Baramawy


The definition of a supplement is: a manufactured product to supplement one’s diet by taking a pill, capsule, tablet, powder or liquid. However, they can never totally substitute the nutrients you take from food and they are not so efficiently absorbed thus, few of them really work.

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