Increase performance during a work-out

Increase performance during a work-out

Whether you look forward to weight loss, body toning, body building, and/or maintaining good health, it is unmistakable that we all need to see fast results to help us going optimistically on the track of progression. Performance is what mainly defines how and when the results will start to come clear to our eyes when we look in the mirror, when we actually start to buy different sizes of clothes, or when we undergo a BMI (Body Mass Index) test and realize that our body weight dropped/increased and fat and muscle mass percentages have changed. Here are some tips on how to create a good and steady performance in your training routine:

Fuel up pre-workout to improve performance

For those looking for weight loss, eating before a work-out is not necessary; especially if your workout is in the beginning of the day. A glass of pure orange juice or an apple 30 minutes prior to the work-out will give you the needed push. Those that seek body volume perhaps need a protein shake prior to their intense work-out  –that is mostly weight lifting and doesn’t include lots of cardio training—and/or a banana that will give a long lasting boost without affecting your anabolic rate.

Timing is everything!

The digestive system is one of the main factors that determine your strength or stamina for the required training routine. Your intake of various foods should be well absorbed by the body before you commence in a cardio, weight lifting, or cross-training technique. You should equip yourself with the relevant knowledge and this means memorizing facts about what to eat/drink before a work-out. For example: Did you know that it takes the body up to 30 minutes to digest an apple and 2.5-3 hours to digest nuts (cashews, almonds, etc.)?

Water is key

H2O is the origin of every living thing, cell, tissue, and organ, and without the regular consumption you could feel disoriented and powerless. It’s not only about that bottle of water you carry during your exercise; a consistent flow of water into your blood stream is essential to keep you hydrated and refreshed. Water helps maintaining smooth digestion and thus will optimize your intake of energy charging nutrients. It is proven that a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal boosts metabolism; whether you’re looking forward towards a slimmer or a larger body mass.

Mental readiness and FOCUS

Progress starts with a positive attitude and determination to achieve your forsaken goal. A clear mind helps you put more focus into completing a satisfying work-out session. Hence, try to disconnect your thoughts off your work duties and your life challenges. Ensure that you are following your exercising sequence and that you are keeping track of what needs to be done to ascend/descend in the effort being exerted. Be mentally ready to accept the increasing bodily pain and stay away from whatever interrupts your progression.

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