EFFL – The Egyptian Functional Fitness League

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We know our followers pretty well; we know they are fond of competitions and being part of big challenges. This is why today we thought we would introduce the next big thing, the EFFL. what is the EFFL, you ask? how can you be part of it? let us answer your questions right now.

What’s EFFL?

It’s the first functional fitness league in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East

How many match offs are there per year?


5 each 2 months starting in December till August


Where is it held ?

First match will be in crossfit stars in mountain view and the other locations will be announced later

What are the categories and divisions?


2 categories:Rxd and scaled and each contains 2 divisions: 2 males or 1 male and 1 female

How many workout each match?


In which days are the matches?

Rxd on Fridays and scaled on Saturdays

What’s the competition’s format?

Teams will be divided into groups according to their ranking following each match and scores are calculated according to their standings in their respective groups with points accumulating through the 5 matches and the team with the most points overall wins

What are the prizes ?

For the Rxd:20,000,10,000 and 5,000
For the scaled: 10,000,5,000,2500

What are the registration fees ?

Rxd: 2400 one time payment or 2*1500 payments
Scaled 1200 one payment or 2*750 payments

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