Egypt Fitness Fest, The Ultimate Meaning of Mixing Fitness & Fun

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Who said fitness is all about being serious all the time, and training insanely without some fun time? Egypt Fitness Fest proves this mostly-believed thought is a total myth.

ElFIT REEBOK COMPETITION is considered one of the leading sports events in Egypt since 2013. Its goal is to raise people’s awareness about healthy lifestyles and encouraging them to be fit taking into consideration all ages and genders.

This year, ELFIT REEBOK COMPETITION where the top finalists from 5 different countries (Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Palestine) were competing head to head in an epic fitness battle was definitely fun to watch, hosting top fitness classes, advanced trainers, nutritionists, and health enthusiasts in a huge fitness festival.


Egypt Fitness Fest took place last Friday & Saturday Oct.23- 24. There were free sessions by top fitness programs for adults as well as kids, such as Egypt Pole Fit, American Football, CrossFit, Jumping Fitness, Zumba, Hers Gym and more, which gives you the chance to try each sport and decide which one to join. Kids fitness was also part of the program, as Kidzania was taking a booth there.


And about the winners, Charlotte Hick took first place in the females category, with Haitham M. Magoub winning the males category. In the master’s competitions, Denise Ewig won first place for females age 35+, while Ahmed Galal Elatal placed first for males age 35+ and Naser

Gomaa topped the males 45+ category. Meanwhile, the Silver Giants won both competitions for male and mixed teams.


ELFIT has got their own formula by mixing between being brave, strong, and the benefits of exercises as well as living a healthy life, through entertaining challenges and competitions.

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