Egyptians scored 45 medals in the 2018 Mediterranean Games

tarragona 2018

The Mediterranean Games is a multi-sport event organized every 4 years. This year, the Mediterranean Games was held in Tarragona, Spain. It lasted from June 22 to July 1, 2018. If you need something to be proud of, Egypt was ranked as the 5th highest country when it comes to winning medals. Our Egyptian athletes succeded to win 45 medals, ranging from gold, silver, and bronze. We have 18 gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 16 bronze ones.


Ahmed Saad – Weightlifting

Two Gold Medals

Mohamed Ehab – Weightlifting

Two Gold Medals

Ragab Abdelhay – Weightlifting

Gold Medal

Sara Samir – Weightlifting

Two Gold Medals


Heba Saleh – Weightlifting

Bronze Medal (48 KG)

Dina Barakat – Weightlifting

Bronze Medal (75 KG)


Gaber Farhan – Weightlifting

Two Gold Medals (105 KG)


Haitham Fahmy – Wrestling

Gold Medal (60 KG)

Samy Hamdy – Wrestling

Silver Medal

Hosam Merghany – Wrestling

Bronze Medal

Ahmed Hassan – Wrestling

Bronze Medal (97 KG)

Samar Hamza – Wrestling

Bronze Medal (68 KG)

Farida Osman – Swimming

Two Gold Medals & 1 Silver Medal

Marwan Elkamash – Swimming

Bronze (400 Meter)

Abdelrahmen Sameh – Swimming


Two Silver Medal

Ali Khalaf Allah – Swimming

Bronze Medal

Walid Sadik – Boxing

Gold Medal (69 KG)


Abdelrahman Orabi – Boxing

Gold Medal (81 KG)


Yousry Rizk – Boxing

Gold Medal (91+ KG)


Mohamed Mohy El Deen – Judo

Bronze Medal (73 KG)

Mohamed Abd El Aal – Judo

Silver Medal (81 KG)


Ramadan Darwish – Judo

Gold Medal (100 KG)


Gianna Farouk – Karate

Gianna Karate

Silver Medal (61 KG)

Areej Saeed – Karate

Bronze Medal

Malek Gomaa – Karate

Bronze Medal

Ahmed Elasfar – Karate

Silver Medal

Ahmed Elmasry – Karate

Bronze Medal

Seif Essa – taekwondo

Silver Medal (80 KG)


Hedaya malak – taekwondo

Bronze Medal (67 KG)

Radwa Sayed – taekwondo

Radwa Sayed

Silver Medal (58 KG)


Dina Meshref – Table Tennis

Gold Medal

Nancy Taman – Gymnastics

Nancy Taman

Gold Medal

Ali Abo Qasim – Gymnastics 

Bronze Medal

Ahmed Kamar – Shooting

Silver Medal

Afaf El Hodhod – Shooting

Bronze Medal

Abd El Kader Saeed – horseback riding

Abd ElKader Saeed - Horse Riding

Bronze Medal

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