El Nady Podcast – Egypt’s First Sport Podcast Is Finally Here

El Nady Podcast

Egypt now has its first Sports Podcast, thanks to El Nady Fitness Platform.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lift like an Olympian? How it would feel to compete in The CrossFit Games? What the secret behind the dedication and mindset of pro athletes is?  The answers to these questions, and more, are now available in both audio and video formats on Egypt’s first-ever sports podcast: El Nady Podcast.

Mohamed Ehab Weight Lifting

A couple of weeks ago, El Nady Fitness Platform introduced their sports podcast: El Nady Podcast. El Nady Fitness Platform is an online platform dedicated to helping sports and fitness enthusiasts, as well as those interested in losing weight.  In the podcast’s first episode, Coach Sherif Nassar hosted Egypt’s weightlifting pride, World champion, and Olympic medalist Mohamed Ehab. During the podcast, the two discussed Mohamed’s choice for weight lifting as a sport, when and how he started, his training and workout routines, his feeling during the Olympics, and how it felt bringing home an Olympic medal.

omda crossfit - El Nady

The second episode’s host is Mohamed El Omda, CrossFit Games athlete and 6-time winner of the Egypt’s Fittest Man title. El Omda speaks about his training routine, his workouts during quarantine, competing with CrossFit legends during The Games, and the great mindset that helped him stay ahead of the game and become one of the very few Egyptians and Middle Eastern athletes to compete in The Games. Now that you got a pre-release glimpse of the podcast, be sure to catch the full episode this Tuesday on El Nady’s IGtv.

El Nady is an online fitness platform that mimics the experience of an actual club, where you get to enjoy a wide variety of sports, as well as benefit from a motivating, supportive community that backs you up during your fitness journey. El Nady is currently working on social media platforms that provide useful content, tips, and full training programs for beginner and intermediate athletes to help them lose weight, gain muscles, and better accomplish their transformation goals.

Sherif Nassar - El Nady

Coach Sherif Nassar, El Nady’s Co-Founder and a well-known leader in the field of fitness training and CrossFit training, says “We are beyond proud to be introducing Egypt’s first Sports Podcast! We created El Nady online fitness platform to help all those who want to lose weight, transform their bodies, and/or excel in their sports and training, and we believe that listening to the success stories of influential athletes will play a huge role in that.”

“In the upcoming period, El Nady Podcast will be hosting many successful athletes from different sports like football, handball, squash, and CrossFit to share their experience and inspire other athletes and fitness enthusiasts” adds Sherif.

yathreb Adel - Squash

In addition to hosting highly inspirational athletes in their weekly podcasts, El Nady is providing an amazing 5 Kilos weight loss Ramadan challenge for all those who want to start their transformation journey. El Nady currently has 5 main programs running this Ramadan: a weekly nutrition program lead by Nutritionist Carina Youssef, a home training program providing 3 sessions per week by Coach Sherif Nassar, a running program for beginners by Dr. Mina Wageh, weekly Yoga sessions by Nour Abdel Maksoud, and, last but not least, weekly live sessions to answer all of the followers’ questions and guide them through their weight loss journey.

Bonus Tip:

El Nady Fitness Platform has a great online community for supporting and motivating fitness enthusiasts, and you can easily access all their content on their social media pages. To do that, simply join them via the following link.

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