ELFIT 2016, do you dare to join?

ElFit 2016

We said goodbye to Sahel atmosphere. Things are going back to boredom with the same hangout places. The new thing is always the opening of a strange cuisine restaurant and the new events taking place range from food to music making it difficult for fitness freaks to have a place. However, this won’t be the case this year as the event many people have marked their calendar for is coming back for the 4th year respectively, ELFIT Reebok!

ELFIT Reebok is the first & biggest fitness competition in Egypt and one of the leading fitness events in the Region. It was created and is managed by In The Zone Sports. The competition involves a series of drills that test athletes’ strength, endurance, speed, agility and more. ELFIT 2016 will be held in Palm Hills Club, 6th of October – Cairo.

Seven countries will be hosting the Elite Individuals Qualifiers that will be held on different weekends starting September 9th until October 1st, 2016. (Crossfit Rhea, Transformers, & Crossfit MonkeyBars in Cairo, The Hit in Alex, Crossfit Proactive in Portsaid), Peak fitness in UAE, Flare Fitness in Kuwait, Crossfit 962 in Jordan, Crossfit Delmon in Bahrain, Crossfit B- Town in Lebanon,& Crossfit Quwwa in Qatar. Individuals Qualifier Workouts will be released first week of September.

Elite mixed teams qualifiers will be performed online, Workouts for the teams category will be released today, the 23rd of August, 2016 and Finals will be held on 3 consecutive days from 20th to the 22nd of October, 2016.”




ELFIT started in Egypt in February 2013. It became an urgent need for health and fitness to take the lead. It’s becoming a common thing, everybody wants a sexy body, and healthy is the new sexy, everybody wants to get fit and try new sports. However it’s not about getting people to work out or helping them to find the suitable venue. People already passed this stage, they want more. They want an aim, a goal to reach, and a destination. This is one of the main aims why ELFIT was created, it’s a perfect opportunity for all people who keep working out all year long to come at the end and measure their performance, know if they are on the right track, and challenge themselves with others.




Everybody wants to get fit! Yes! But they don’t want it to seem like a serious appointment with the dentist. They want to have fun and feel motivated while getting fit. Although the organizing of ELFIT is as professional as any formal sports championship, people play with certain t-shirts and IDs and there are judges, it doesn’t lose the fun convenient part. It’s one of the very few events that gathers almost all athletes in town so they feel familiar to the community. It motivates participants to join as there a reward for the winners at the end. Besides, any fit person with whatever level of professionalism has place there as teams are divided to include a place for professionals, and other for intermediates and beginners.


Bigger, Better, Hotter


This is this year’s promise to all participants. Starting 3 years ago with only 80 participants and expectedly to reach 1000 participants this year and 400+ at the finals, This makes the experience more challenging and opens a wider community in front of participants.



This year’s competition is organized in a different way. It will feature 2 main divisions “The Elite” & “The Scaled” & 11 different categories to give everyone a chance to take part in the Competition. The Elite division is designed for the advanced level athletes as for the scaled it is more for the beginners & intermediate levels.

These are the 11 categories for this year’s competition:

Elite Categories:

  • Individual Males/ Females (16+)
    • Masters Males 35+
    • Mixed Teams

Scaled Categories:

  • Individual Males/ Females 16+
    • Masters Females 35+
    • Masters Males 45+
    • Mixed Teams
    • Teens Boys/ Girls (14-16 years)

Scaled Categories:

  • Individual Males/ Females 16+
    • Masters Females 35+
    • Masters Males 45+
    • Mixed Teams
    • Teens Boys/ Girls (14-16 years)


Your favorite fitness influencers at ELFIT

Hussein Abdel Dayem




Nazli Mahmoud


Mourad Gaber


Riham Masoud


Hadia Ghaleb


Ekramy Tantawy


Hassan Gabr


Dalia El Amry


Khaled Mahgoub


Ali Ismail


ElFit Omda


ElFit Nisrin










ELFIT might not be your place or it might suits you perfectly. Nothing can answer the question except the trial. If you exercise in your living room or in the neighborhood gym, it’s time to expand your experience, to meet athletes, and to discover yourself. If you already a professional, this is the event you have been waiting for all year, your suitable community. Register now and show yourself, first of all, your power in taking the decision to compete, before your power in lifting weights!

Join them now www.elfiteg.com

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