ElFit Electrifies New Capital’s Sports City

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The highly anticipated 10th edition of Elfit event was launched on the 10th of November at the New Capital Sports city. 

Elfit event is one of the grandest fitness events that started in 2013 and blossomed into a huge success ever since, becoming not only important in Egypt, but one of the most important fitness events in the Meridian area. 

Over the period from the 10th till the 12th of November 2022, the 10th edition was carried out. The New Capital Sports City was bustling with the invigorated fitness spirit and the swarm of athletes from Egypt and multiple nations.

Diverse competitions and events took place, each testing a specific element or a set of elements of fitness traits, like power, speed, agility, and flexibility. 

Here is an example of some of the competitions: Elfit Crossfit, Elfit Endurance, and Elfit Lift It. Athletes were divided and allocated to the competitions according to some factors like age and gender, while some competitions were more inclusive and done on a mixed-gender base. Some of the competitions were old as Elfit itself, while others were newly installed, like the one-of-its-kind Elfit Juniors which had just had its second edition – a fitness competition exclusive to kids and youths of the age span from 6 to 17.

Invigoration, training, sweat, effort, persistence, tension, prizes, and cheers, it was a highly remarkable time in the New Capital Sports City, promising an ongoing growing future for the spectacular Elfit event.

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