ElFIT Juniors Helping Kids and Teens Develop a Healthy Future

ElFit Juniors

Since 1970, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled. In 2016, one out of every five children are obese. Fortunately, The Functional fitness training “CrossFit” can help kids develop a good base for an active and healthy future, that’s why ElFIT Juniors has chosen it as a tool in their mission of helping kids accomplish a healthy lifestyle!


Elfit Juniors

The Fitness/CrossFit community has long possessed the answer. KIDS NEED TO MOVE! To get outside and play, to stand up from their desks and couches and go outside, go to the gym, and learn how to nourish their bodies in a safe and healthy community.

ElFIT Juniors; A Family Event

The EL-Fit Junior’s Event is a fitness event game targeting the entire sports backgrounds. It is not just a competition, but a day rich with a activities for the kids and parents as well, a family day very well designes!

Why ElFIT Juniors Event; The Vision

Elfit Juniors

Because Our kids deserve the best opportunity for long term health, and because there is no 1 single sport/fitness event that is dedicated only to youth and teens El-Fit Junior’s vision is to ignite a passion and enthusiasm for fitness within the youth community that will carry over to our youth’s future athletic pursuits. Fitness awareness is more prevalent now than ever before, not just in sports, but in our everyday endeavors. They aim to help educate and expose youth athletes to the fitness world in hopes of developing a lifelong passion for performance, health and wellness.

The event in a nutshell

Elfit Juniors

ELFIT Junior Competition will consist of 6 challenges within each age division that will test athlete’s overall athleticism. Athletes ages 13 and younger will compete in 4 challenges that will test their endurance (Iron Lung), speed/agility (Boomerang), Mix Modal (Delivery Man), and free style (Junior Ninja). Athletes 14 and older will compete in the 4 previous challenges as well as strength/power (PUSH-PULL) and mix modal (Battle Field).

Tests in competition and programming leading to testing will be specifically designed for the needs of a growing child The competition is safe and fun! Medals are awarded to the top three winners, male and female, in each division. All challenges have been designed and vetted by our ELFIT Juniors technical director.

“The kids will RUN,, SQUAT,, JUMP,, CRAWL, LIFT OBJECTIVES and most of all have FUN!”

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