Exercise Myths Vs Facts

Exercise Myths Vs Facts

MYTH #1 Static Stretching before working out is important to prevent injury.

Static stretching

FACT: Static stretching AFTER working out has many benefits to our bodies but static stretching before a workout will not increase your range of motion & wont get your body prepared for the workout. So, Make sure you warm up with dynamic, active movements before starting any kind of exercise.


MYTH #2 Always work a muscle to failure


FACT: While we always read about “No pain, No gain”, Its not true because working a muscle to failure can lead to overtraining, injury & decreased strength. Work to the point of fatigue not failure.


MYTH #3 Muscle turns into fat & fat can turn into muscle


FACT: Can you blend oil and water together? Same goes for muscles & fat! You only can burn fat or build muscle. The idea of converting fat into muscle is impossible.


MYTH #4 Genetics make you fat

Run for Fat

FACT: While we always hope that this is the case to justify our weight gain, this is not true. Although it may be harder for you to maintain a slim shape than your friend who eats whatever he/she wants, You are not relegated to obesity because of your genetics.Genetics are dynamic not static. Meaning that we affect it through our lifestyle. Eat well, move more & take care of your body, You’ll be slim & healthy


MYTH #5 Sit ups will get rid of my belly fat


FACT: We cant spot reduce fat. Not on our abs, thighs or arms. To tone your body, you have to first reduce your overall body fat. It can be done by interval training, circuit training… etc combined with clean eating & spot specific exercises to “Condition” the muscle under the fat.

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