Exercise tips to step up your game in Ramadan 2018

Ramadan Tips - Anna-2018

Ramadan is a holy month of spiritual rebirth and many people use this opportunity to bring not only their spirituality but their physical development to a new level. If you chose to participate in an exercise routine during Ramadan, there are few tips to bear in mind.

  • Consult your physician first. This is a necessary step for anyone who decides to participate in an exercise routine, even more during a fast. People with heart problems, diabetes, pregnant and elderly might be at risk while exercising in a fasted state.


  • Perform light, low-intensity exercises like yoga, stretching, and pilates in the afternoon. Choose walking over running. Focus on slow deliberate movements.

  • High-intensity exercises like Intensive Cardio or Resistance training might be performed right before Iftar or a few hours after.


  • If at any point during high or low-intensity exercise you feel dizzy or lightheaded, discontinue the exercise immediately.

  • Dr.Marwa El-Tawil advises everyone to drink 1 cup of water 20 minutes before eating Iftar for better digestion and for those who exercise to consume enough protein (25-35gr) and include complex carbohydrates like sweet potato, brown rice, cooked quinoa and vegetables.

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