Farah Omar Finds Power in Rugby and CrossFit

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Certified fitness coach, Rugby Level 1 player, and CrossFit weightlifter, Farah Omar started her fitness journey to look good and feel confident in her skin. Her desire to lead a healthier life developed into a passion for helping others achieve their goals. The 23-year-old graduated with a major in journalism and a psychology minor and is now a full-time coach studying to achieve a sports nutrition certification.

Farah Omar Crossfit

Her whole life Farah swam, played tennis, and practiced volleyball.  She’d never professionally practiced a sport, however, until she joined the AUC Rugby team. During her 5 years of Rugby Sevens, she competed in the Egyptian League and in Dubai Sevens tournament, which is considered one of the best in the world.

While doing rugby, Farah was simultaneously competing in CrossFit, taking part in ELFIT’s individual Elite women category in 2019. CrossFit stood out to her because it was never boring and always left her wanting more; she wanted to run faster, lift heavier, and swim better. Doing both rugby and Crossfit together was hectic, but with time management and the right programming, she managed to stay on track during competition season.

Farah Omar Crossfit

Farah is loving how quarantine has made people more conscious about their bodies and their health.  Their motivation to start living a healthy life, especially if they weren’t into sports prior and them taking their journeys online are very inspiring to her.

At the moment, Farah is focusing on pushing people to achieve their goals. She currently does online goal-based, customized programs and hosts Zoom classes, both individual and group sessions. She is also inspiring little girls to start their fitness journeys.

Farah Omar Crossfit

“Do whatever you’re passionate about. If you want to get into a male-dominated sport, go for it. I did and it was very rewarding, to say the least. There is no magic pill to reach your goals; the key is to be consistent and patient. People might comment and judge, but when you put in the hard work, you’ll reach the top and they will view you as a role model and an icon”.

Photos credit: Osama momtaz

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