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Certified strength and conditioning coach, Rugby Level 1 player, and CrossFit weightlifter, Farah Omar started her fitness journey to look good and feel confident in her skin. Her desire to lead a healthier life developed into a passion for helping others achieve their goals. The 23-year-old graduated with a major in journalism and a psychology minor and is now a full-time a sports nutrition certified coach.

Farah provides Three programs

  1. Customized plan based on your goals
  2. Weight loss zoom classes
  3. Customized nutrition plan

1. Customized plan

Farah Omar Crossfit
  • This program is tailored towards your needs with the equipment available to you.
  • Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain,sports specific to help you perform better at your sport.
  • Duration: 1 month including nutrition plan (Optional)
  • Unlimited sessions regarding what best fits your needs.

Price: 1400

2. Weight loss zoom classes (Ladies only)

Farah Omar Crossfit

This program is best for those that find it more convenient to workout at home. Lose weight,tone your body and increase your fitness level to fit your daily life activity.
No need for any equipment to be used,you can still reach results while working out at home so no excuses!

  • No equipment required
  • Fees: 1250
  • Package: 12 sessions
  • 3 times a week
  • Open to all fitness levels
  • Nutrition Plan included (Optional)

Price: 1250 (12 sessions)

2. Customized Nutrition Plan

A nutrition plan customized on your likes, dislikes and lifestyle in general. Whether you want to lose some fat or build muscles.
This is to help you build a healthier lifestyle to maintain on the long run.

4 different nutrition plans per month

Price: 600

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