Farida Eid: Pools, paintbrushes, and piano keys

Farida Egyptian swimmer

Farida Eid is living proof you could have it all. She’s a 22 years old logistics management student at the Arab academy, and a professional  swimmer at Heliolido sports club. She joined the Egyptian national swimming team in 2014,  and participated in the World Police games in 2017 in Abu Dhabi, where she won two gold medals.

At Barcelona’s World University Championships in 2018, Farida has also gained two bronze medals. Besides swimming, she is a self-taught artist; Farida’s interests did not end just yet, because she’s also a musician, who plays the piano keys as artistically as she strokes paint.

Farida started swimming at the age of 4, inspired by her father, who was an Olympic swimmer himself. Looking up to him, she always dreamed of participating in a world championship, and not just participating but also triumphing with a medal; she has indeed dedicated many years, working her heart out to accomplish two world championship titles. At the age of 12, she realized she was good at drawing, and she started working on improving her skills ever since.

Farida has given the credit of her time management to swimming. She swims an average of 7 sessions/ week, with 3-4 gym sessions, then she gives herself time for everything else that she loves to do . She swims, paints, and studies, yet always manages to make time for her family and friends.

She told us that out of all her activities, she’s 100% devoted to swimming, yet she has many goals to achieve, and for that, she will continue to manage her time cautiously. Being an athlete is the closest thing to her heart as it has become the only lifestyle she knows.

“ I would like to tell all the women out there that it’s never too late, you can follow your passion and do whatever makes you happy, and remember that having a healthy lifestyle is what makes people’s hearts pump with joy.”

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