Fast Five Ramadan Tips

Fast Five

We have some tips for you to add to your Ramadan routine. These tips might sound normal, but almost everybody forgets them. Try to incorporate them into your routine and you’ll notice the difference.

1. Hydration


Aim for around 3 liters of water, however, spread this quantity throughout the evening to ensure that you steadily quench your thirst and load up for the next day rather than drinking too much and clearing it all from your system which leaves you thirsty and dehydrated the next day.

2. Sufficient Sleep


Getting adequate sleep is essential for athletes and whilst this is challenging in Ramadan it is very important. If getting eight hours straight proves too tricky then try taking a ´siesta´.

3. Train

Consistency is key and this stands true for Ramadan, there are different theories about which time is best to train in Ramadan – the best tip is to train when it is most suitable for you in terms of energy as well as commitments. Seize the opportunities available to you and don’t give yourself an excuse.

4. Protein

Ramadan is not a term for counting calories but you should count protein. Aim for at least 2g per Kg of bodyweight. Protein is the building block of your muscles so make it a priority, always eat the protein portion of your meal first then tackle the carbs and fats.

5. Supplements

Whey gold-standard

Use supplements to your advantage – with reference to meeting your protein requirements whey protein powder can be an extremely useful tool. BCAA or branch chain amino acids are a great supplement for protecting the muscle and providing hydration. Check our supp store here


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