Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Fat Burning Cardio Workout


Cardio workout doesn’t necessarily need to be intense, especially when you work on tired muscles from a strong gym training workout. Working on sore muscles may re-damage them.

A common mistake people new to gym workouts usually do is that they push themselves to hard for too long without taking breaks or days off, thinking that this will help them get fit sooner, however this intensity will damage your muscles and wear your body down.

This gym training workout is especially made for beginners and people who have sore muscles, this workout allows you to customize your exercises according to your needs and status.

Although this workout is designed to lower intensity, it has a great effect on burning calories, you can expect to burn anywhere from 6 calories per minute on the low end, to 11 calories per minute on the high end. This gives you an impressive 222 to 407 total calories burnt in this 37 minute workout.

Warm Up: (30 seconds each)

  1. March in Place
  2. Jog in Place
  3. Torso Twists
  4. Row + Lateral Step
  5. Deep Squat

Workout Structure:

40 seconds each exercise with 15 sec jog/boxer shuffle in-between each exercise.

Do alternating sets of each group of two exercises for a total of two sets per exercise.

  1. Slow Burpee
  2. Jumping Jack
  3. Lateral Step And Reach
  4. Ventral Jacks
  5. High Knee Pause
  6. Fly Jacks
  7. Bicycle Crunch
  8. Lunge Jack (Alternating lunge, when in lunge hands at front ankle, stand with hands over head)
  9. Plank Slaps
  10. Stutter Jack (regular JJ motion but pause three times bottom, top and half way on the way up and down)
  11. Lateral Hops
  12. High Knee Jack (hands clap under thigh every time knee goes up, alternating)
  13. Side Leg Raise w/ Oblique Crunch
  14. Plank with Rear Leg Raise
  15. Toe Touch Kick (alternating)
  16. Jumping Jack

Cool Down: (20 seconds each)

  1. Lunging Hamstring Stretch
  2. Standing Single Leg Quadriceps Stretch
  3. Wall Calf Stretch
  4. Wall Chest Stretch
  5. Wide Hamstring and Over Head Shoulder Stretch
  6. Inside Thigh Stretch
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