Fatima Al Sfaxy – A Story About Pole, Dentistry, and Yoga

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A dentist, an aerial artist, and a yogi, Fatima Al Sfaxy is elegantly balancing the elements of 3 different worlds. She started yoga back in 2013, aerial arts in 2016, and graduated in 2019, with high honors. Fatima has always been into sports and fitness, and she started her dentistry clinical life when she was still an undergrad. Her unique appreciation for arts and beauty brings everything together, and, in this brief interview, she explains how she does it. 

How do you accomplish harmony?

Fatima Sfaxy

I love everything pretty; pretty shapes, pretty patterns, pretty things. I love all art and I love creating, which is why I chose to go for dentistry. It was the same with pole and yoga, the only difference is in dentistry you create art, but in pole and yoga, you become the art. The combination of aerial arts, yoga, and dentistry often confuses people. The way I see it, they’re all different forms of art.

How did you find your way in sports and fitness?

Fatima Sfaxy

I always say that yoga is my first love. I coincidentally walked into a yoga class in 2013, and I fell in love. It took me so long to understand what it meant to clear my mind and focus on my breathing, which is what yoga’s all about. Yoga teaches you how to clear your mind and just breathe, and we often need that in our daily lives.

When I started pole in 2016, I went in with big confidence. I overestimated myself at first, given my fitness background, but I was very far off. Pole is about how much you train and how much effort you put into it. A fitness background is an asset, but it’s definitely not all you need.

Fatima Sfaxy

Sports and fitness have always been my comfort zone; I always escape to the gym/studio to release all my negative energy and reconnect who I am. I’ve been working out at home a lot during quarantine, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to start working out, especially doing things like yoga and flexibility training.

Are there any learning lessons you’d like to share?

My work as a dentist is very stressful; things can very easily go wrong, especially because I’m interested in CAD/CAM and smile designing. There are definitely times of frustration and stress, and I also have quite a history with injuries, but I strongly believe that our souls just know how to heal. As long as we’re still connected to our souls, we can get through anything.

Fatima Sfaxy

The most important thing I learned is how to value time. My time management skills have improved so much over the last few years; they’re actually pretty amazing now. Running from uni to the studio to the clinic has taught me how to value every minute, and how to make the most out of the time I’m given.

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