Find Out How Your Body Obtains Energy While Fasting.

Fasting and Energy

During Ramadan, we all want to stay fit and hit the gym when we can.  But on the other hand we also have some doubts and questions that need answers.

“Where we get our energy from while we are fasting?”


“What would happen if we work-out while fasting, without enough energy?

Well, as we know human’s like any other living and non-living things need energy to do it daily duties for example: A car needs gas to move.  Human’s need food to live.

There are 2 main things that human body needs:

1- Macronutrients

which are:

(a) carbohydrates

(b) proteins

(c) fats

and it’s also gives us power (calories).

2- Micronutrients

which are:

(a) minerals

(b) vitamins

(c) water

and these do not giving energy because they have no calories.

So let’s talk about carbohydrates which is consider the main source of energy .  During periods of high energy demands (such as exercise) or period of low nutrient availability (such as fasting) when plasma glucose levels decrease, the body finds a way to replenish this glucose. As our blood glucose decreases, our liver is called into action through GLUCOGENOLYSIS.

During glocugenolysis the liver makes glucose from non-carbohydrate compounds, from fats and muscles

So in conclusion, always know if you don’t have enough glucose in your muscles, blood, and liver your body will start to break down from your muscles and fats to get energy  depends on how much your body  can store in side and the liver also .

Hope you were able to learn something new about your body through this article and stay tuned for more.

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