First Hijab-wearing Barbie doll in honor of Ibtihaj Muhammad

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If you ask any girl about her favorite toy as a kid, you would hear ‘Barbie’ 9 out of 10 times, if not 10 out of 10. We loved dressing the doll, combing its hair, and making up stories with it. It made a huge impact on our childhood. This is why when we heard that there will be a hijab-wearing Barbie, we wanted to investigate and know more, maybe buy one too.

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In honor of US Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first US athlete to compete in hijab at the Olympics, the American group Mattel unveiled their first ever hijab-wearing Barbie doll. Like Ibtihaj, the doll will be dressed in a fencing gear and a hijab.

On their website, Mattel mentioned that “the new Barbie is an inspiration for countless little girls who never saw themselves represented in sports and culture,”. On the other hand, Ibtihaj said that this whole thing was a  “childhood dream come true.”

In case you’re wondering, the new hijab-wearing Barbie will be available for sale online from 2018.


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