Fish Spa!

Fish Spa

What’s fish spa therapy?

It’s a treatment where dozens of toothless Garra rufa fish suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin.

How does it work?

You place your feet in tanks of warm freshwater containing a huge number of the Garra rufa fish. One session takes up to 30 minutes leaving your feet feeling refreshed and healthy.

Its benefits…

The Garra rufa fish exfoliation is said to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, remove bacteria and reduce foot odour and help with athlete’s foot. It’s said feet will be smoother and softer after treatment.

Believe it or not

It’s said that it that a Garra rufa fish is good for those who suffer from Eczema, however there are some general concerns about the hygiene of this treatment. You should keep that in mind before trying out any fish spa.


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