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If you are looking for radical transformation in both body and personality, Fitiology is here for this. It offers different set of programs of working out that only aim to enhance one’s life style. What moves them is the belief that ‘strength is not gained, it’s already there’. If you are really looking for change then first you should feel your inner strength; this is what Fitiology does, it helps you feel your own strength through the most diversified amenities.

1.Where did the idea come from?


It all started a year ago, when 3 persistent young guys have made up their minds to cut out their bad eating habits and lose 25 Kg of their weight. Loay El-Sergany (Founder and CEO), Kareem Maher (Marketing Director) and Eslam Ashraf (PR Director) felt a responsibility towards everyone around them; they felt the need to pass on this persistence and strong will to whoever is stuck in their own bodies.

If you want to do something about your weight, these guys know exactly what to do. They have been there themselves!

2. What kind of fitness programs does Fitiology offer?


It is hard to think of something and won’t find there. Fitiology offers a broad range of programs that cover all the fitness aspects. The programs include weight loss, body toning, reshaping, physical fitness enhancement, private training, rehabilitation, Jumping, football tournaments, fitness events, fitness camps.

3. What makes Fitiology different?


In the world of fitness, it is not a piece of cake to be distinguished from what others do; but as for Fitiology things were a bit easy because they follow the standards. They use all physiological, anatomical and psychological sciences to get definite results.

Fitiology is introducing a new era of working out


The first ever real fitness course in Egypt; where the attendees have to take a placement test, and then they define their fitness level according to the results. After the assessment has been done and the fitness level has been defined Fitiology is always keen on making sure that you reach the most advanced fitness levels. Fitiology also supports an iron hitting place for body weight and high intensity training equipment to assure having real muscle gain.


4. Do the programs target a specific age or gender?


These are the perks of being unique; you are never limited to a certain gender or age. Fitiology targets all genders from 12 to 50 years old.

Where to find Fitiology?

More about Fitiology

Address 28 Sharaa villas, El Mosher Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone 01100056017, 01100056018

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