Fitness and technology

Fitness and Tech

As technology has taken an essential role in everything we use on a daily basis, sports has got a chance too! Fitness life can be a lot more fun and easier with the right trunk of gear. Here‘s the latest information about technology and fitness field.

Nike fuel band

The Nike Fuel band makes it simple by tracking your movement and convert it into points that enables you to compare your progress in the gym to other’s; the wristband contains motion sensors to process. It also counts the steps you take during your day. 10,000 daily is seen as a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle.

It comes in three colors, however, black is always awesome!

Nike Fuel Band


Strava Run (Mobile Application)

Don’t have the watch? Smartphone apps can do the same work. They use GPS to track your route overtime.

Strava Fitness



Griffin Adidas Micoach armband

Adidas Micoach armband is a way to keep your mobile in. It makes it easier for healthy lifestyle seekers to change songs or track their exercise statistics using their smart phones.

Adidas Micoach armband


BOSE SIE2i headphones

Dedicated sport headphones have special design. They usually have tips that keep them secure in your ears while you move in the gym, they are water resistant and also they have shorter chords.

Bose SIE2i sport headphones

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This internet-connected set of scales can measure heart rate, air quality as well as weight measurements and body composition. You can use it in your fitness daily life in the gym or at home.


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