Fitness, relaxation, and fun,The Hot 2016 Summer

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Summer means Sahel, and no Sahel without fit sexy bodies! If you trained by hard the last few months and missed many Ramadan konafas, then it’s time to reward yourself by some meditation and dancing atmosphere at the beach. And if you still working on toning your body for the hottest bikini, you can do this while enjoying partying at Sahel with your friends.

This Summer is for all; beginners and professionals, from yoga maniacs to CrossFit superheroes! Take a look at the following Summer fitness events and choose what you will be doing this Summer.

Gold’s Gym at La Vista Bay

Golds Main

What about some exercising on the beach with Gold’s Gym, the leading fitness center chain.

Golds Gym

Gold’s Gym is now at La Vista Bay and till the end of August. Various beach body trainings are waiting for you, don’t miss them!

Dance on the beach with Adams Dance Studio


Adams Dance

Dancing normally lifts up your mood, so imagine how dancing on the beach could take you to wonder world! This is happening with  Adams Dance Studio -the contemporary place of dance that always offers progressive classes that suit all fitness levels. Adams Dance Studio is making the perfect blend this Summer, not only in one hot spot of Sahel, but two throughout Summer. Adams Dance Studio opens in Amwaj Sidi Abdel Rahman and Bianchi Sidi Abdel Rahman. Five classes will be present there; hip hop, zumba, salsa, break dance, and fit-zu. Moreover, kids will also be enjoying hip hop and break dance classes. Book your seat now! Check their July schedule below:

Adams4 Adams 5


Urban Race is back

Urban Race

Urban Race is the first obstacles race in Egypt and the Middle East founded and organized by Stallions. Becoming a Summer ritual, Urban Race is back in its third season! On the 12 of August at Marassi,

Urban Race

You can spend a fun energetic challenging day running, jumping, crawling, and swimming while overcoming a set of obstacles.

BeFit classes at Lake Yard Hacienda Bay


No wonder if want a sexy Summer body, Be Fit has to be your choice. Be Fit is Egypt’s leading fitness and health entity offering transformation programs that change people’s lives. Be Fit classes are now at Lake Yard Hacienda Bay. Be Fit is operating with its full facilities and the classes are run by the fit guru Aly Mazhar.


The weekend is Ignite‘s


Life happens outside of your comfort zone! That’s why you need to spend every weekend throughout July and August at Bianchi with Ignite. Ignite offers self challenging training programs that have been tested by athletes worldwide. Don’t miss it after your long working weeks that are full of stress and back pains.

Mind, body, soul, and sea with YallaYoga

Yalla Yoga

This what completes the equation. That’s why YallaYoga will be at La Vista Cascada Bay. Yoga in Egypt means YallaYoga, it’s the place of yogic lifestyle and philosophy. At La Vista, you will be introduced to the basics of yoga and other related techniques like breathing, meditation, posture, relaxation, and fitness. Besides, a vegetarian way of life will be promoted. This is for sure the best opportunity of purification you could have this Summer.

Fitstop at Hacienda


Relax with yoga, tone your body with pilates, and have some fun with yoga at Hacienda Bay. All this is available with Fitstop the award winning fitness studio that serves all tastes. Check their schedule below:



Hit Summer with Crossfit Hitters


If you have ever imagined that beach is for relaxation, you’re wrong! Crossfit Hitters is hitting this Summer at Telal, North Coast. For challengers who seek high intensity training, don’t hesitate to join.

The Fitness Grind will be at Sahel

The Fitness Grind

Offering general strength and conditioning programs designed to improve general physical preparedness, The Fitness Grind is operating at Sahel this Summer, stay tuned.

The perfect mix at Diplo, AOS


AOS, the art of sport,  gives the chance to train with all components of fitness. AOS mixes cardio and strength and this Summer mixing the beauty of sea view and the convenience of training in a closed conditioned place at Diplo.


The 3 Fs at Diplo with The TriFactory


You can be the 3 of them with The TriFactory Beach Run powered by Inertia Egypt at Diplo every Friday and Saturday. No better thing to run with than The TriFactory the all-inclusive triathlon organization that offers triathlon training, equipment, and sports.

HIIT at Sahel is a good I.D.E.A

Idea Egypt

I.D.E.A the HIIT sports venue will be at Ciel Beach, Amwaj. Go train with your kids!


Keep On Track at Hacienda

on track
on track

With the holistic vitality club On Track for challenging workouts with the spirit of Summer.

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