Flexible dieting is the secret word

Flex Diet

Summer is finally here and all that time you spent getting “bikini body ready” for a beach vacation can be undone with this one very common thing. With each bite, each sip, you can undo your very hard work and make it that much harder to resume normal life at home.

A vacation is a time to unwind, celebrate, rejuvenate, see new places, and try new things. But it can also make you very uneasy about eating — if, for example, you are trying to eat healthy and maintain or lose weight. The key word is “FLEXIBLE” dieting.

Flexible dieting by definition is the ability to be FLEXIBLE with your diet. It should NOT rule your life. Actually, it should make life easier and allow you to ENJOY spending time with family and friends without anxiety and fear associated with food. I was able to try it out vacation-style last summer with many clients and it freaking WORKED!

They enjoyed some burgers, a glass of Pepsi, ice cream and other fun foods and adventures with their families. No guilt, no fear, just straight up awesomeness. So here’s a quick list of tips for using flexible dieting on vacation!

1. Eating Out​

flexible dieting

Look up the nutritional information for the restaurant beforehand and plug in what you want into your day FIRST. Then fit everything else you are eating in around that meal. If the restaurant doesn’t have nutritional information available, look up a similar item and try to cut out some unneeded calories, For example, if you’re craving burger so much, go for chicken burger OR ask the waiter to ditch the mayonnaise! Replace the fries with baked potato or share it with your friends It’s about all flexibility, my friends.

2. Fiber, Fiber, Fiber​


Sometimes traveling just messes with your system. Sorry to be gross but you know what I’m saying. Getting the right fiber intake while on vacation is crucial. You typically need anywhere from 20-30g. Some of the go-to high fiber items you need include: fiber one cereal, cocoa powder, berries, and green veggies. you also need to order veggies/salads frequently when eating out. Don’t neglect fiber and your body will thank you.

3. Pack Food​

flexible dieting

This goes along with the last tip. Be prepared AKA pack some good carb/protein/fat sources so you can easily fill in your diet plan around what you are eating that day. Aside from the fiber items I just mentioned you might need: peanut butter, oatmeal, stevia, microwave light popcorn (low cal, high fiber popcorn) and protein bars

4. Request a fridge and microwave in your hotel room​

flexible dieting

Call in advance and see what the situation is. Try your best to get a fridge and microwave in your room. It just makes life easier.

5. Keep training​

body weight training

Call ahead and/or look online and see what the gym situation is like. Coordinate your workouts with what is available at the gym. If you have no gym access, go for a short run or have a plan to do body weight exercises like tricep push ups, bicycle crunches, squats, lunges, plyo stuff… just whatever will keep your heart rate up and your muscles trained. It’s definitely possible without gym equipment. That’s what the internet is for! 😉

6. Maintain Sanity​

flexible dieting

Don’t freak out about perfection. You’re on vacation for goodness sake! Like I said earlier, flexible dieting is about being FLEXIBLE. Just do your best, but do NOT freak out if you don’t weigh everything down to the last gram or the restaurant doesn’t have nutrition information. Another tip I have on that is to order something simple to guesstimate like grilled chicken on a salad. You can’t really go wrong with that. But if you happen to eat a little extra ice cream or something, enjoy yourself. Just don’t binge!!!

Set yourself up as best as you can, but even more importantly have a truly happy holiday!

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