Foods that fight cold and flu

Cold and Flu

During winter you’re more likely to get sick than anytime of the year, and of course you never want some flu to hinder your training. Instead of looking for how to get rid of flu fast, look for ways to prevent it.

“Prevention is the best medicine” a famous saying we’ve all heard of, but how are you going to prevent catching flu in the season of cold and flu.

Have you ever heard that there are some types of food that help prevent getting sick and improve your immune system?  Yes it’s true! eating certain foods can spare you the pain of catching a flu.

  • Garlic and onions

garlic and onions

Studies have shown that those who received a daily garlic supplement were less likely to get a cold, and recovered faster if they became sick. You can add them to most of your meals; they add a good taste though. Don’t worry about breath odors of garlic and onions; eating an apple will neutralize these lingering odors.


  • Citrus fruits

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain high concentrations of vitamin C.Vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy. Enjoy a grapefruit with your breakfast; include red and yellow bell peppers or broccoli with your lunch or dinner; or snack on oranges, strawberries, or kiwi.


  • Ginger


Ginger contains potent chemicals called sesquiterpenes, which target stuffy noses and works to suppress coughs.Shave a teaspoon of fresh ginger into your tea, serve it in stir-fry, or chew on it after dinner to aid in digestion.


  • Fermented foods


Yogurt for instance is not only good for your nutrition plan; it’s also packed with probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that play an important role in balancing your body’s microbiome. These healthy bacteria help balance your digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Other types of fermented food are; pasteurized pickles, kefir, and kimchi.


  • Cold-water fish


Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel are rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which suppress inflammation. Eat 7-10 ounces of fatty fish per week,if you’re concerned about mercury levels; remember that the health benefits of eating cold-water fish far outweigh the slight risk. Play it safe by avoiding canned tuna.


  • Sweet potatoes

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes aren’t just a good source of workout fuel.Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene—the reason for the bright orange pigment which may increase T cell function. This may allow you to ward off infection faster.


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