FTNS Truck, an impressive mobile gym right at your doorstep.

Fitness Truck

Your schedule is busy…you may have thought about shopping your groceries or buying new phone accessories online, but have you ever imagined to order the gym online and have it arrive right at your doorstep? And yes, I mean the entire gym and not just some workout equipment. With the installation of the innovative FTNS Truck, you can now order a mobile, complete gym to come to your residence place at your own schedule, enticing you to sustain your healthy lifestyle and improving time convenience – no more hours wasted in clamorous traffics.


The Fitness Truck

After the outbreak of the covid pandemic, plenty of people shifted from the gym to home workouts. The idea being conceived, the founders saw it as the perfect opportunity for establishing this mobile gym – The FTNS Truck. 

Not only did the idea gain popularity because of avoiding the virus, but due to the work and schedule overload curbing many people, the idea of FTNS Truck served them at their convenience. Choosing your own time at your own home, who would not find that attractive? Unless you have a crush on someone at the gym.

How does the FTNS Truck operate?

The Fitness Truck

The gym basically consists of a mobile van which stores all the needed gym equipment. The client books their session and the gym-carrying van arrives at their home, delivering all the needed tools and equipment for the client’s chosen program. The client choses their program, schedule, and trainer online via their website.

One of the remarkable offered services is the discovery session where the client is first assessed and a personally customized program is created. The discovery session is highly recommended by the team.

The Fitness Army

The Fitness Truck

As for the offered sessions, FTNS Truck has fitness, yoga, and kickboxing trainers. In addition, the team is equipped with physiotherapists, health and mental health coaches, and nutritionists.

Activity Location

For now, the fitness truck navigates New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and El-Sahel. At home or at the beach, they arrive exactly where you ask them. They plan to expand and operate in more Egyptian cities.


The Fitness Truck

In addition to facilitating the accessibility of fitness, their goal is to help people widen their views about fitness and wellness, enriching them with a positive mindset and lifestyle. “Healthy people are 20% happier than average, while unhealthy people are 8.25% less happy, as per studies and findings,” said the founder of FTNS Truck. “Other data also revealed that health is far more powerful determinant of an individual’s happiness than income.

Think about if you’ve got a headache, a cold, or a sore toe, you’re probably not feeling all that happy. However, as soon as you’re better, you forget how much your body’s status affected that of your mind’s. Some studies suggest that being healthy gives one more satisfaction of his life and a higher well-being. Health is a priority. it is the means, the vehicle we take for our journey to  achieve our goals, above which is happiness.”

Meet the founders

The Fitness Truck

Ahmed Ekhtiary is the CEO and the founder. He has been working in the fitness industry for more than 12 years. He started as a fitness coach at Samia Allouba then moved to Gold’s gym till he reached the title of a GM. In 2020, he started working on his own project which evolved to be The FTNS Truck.

The health coach, Menna El Moshneb, is the co-founder. Evolving from a career background in advertising and marketing, she eventually found her passion for fitness grew day after day, She started her fitness and nutrition journey more than ten years ago, during which she earned few diplomas and certificates in the field until she received her training and education as a holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

No excuses now. Only an online click is separating you from the sportive lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

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