Ganna Mostafa Dribbles Passion on The Basketball Court

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”

The 23 years old Ganna Mostafa graduated from Media and languages – AAST, she now has her own career, and between and through her social life and career, basketball takes boundless space, time, and dribbles.

Representing Al-Ahly Club

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

 Ganna has been playing basketball in Al-Ahly club for more than 18 years now. Alongside her team, Ganna victoriously aced many championships and attained countless trophies namely; 4 super league, 4 Egyptian cup, 1 super cup, 8 Mortabet league, and 5 Cairo cup. The team ranked 3rd in the African championship, and 2nd in the Arab championship.

International wins

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

Playing with the first/ National team, Ganna was part of many triumphs, including the African Championship U18 (Cairo, Egypt 2016), The World Cup U19 (Udine, Italy 2017), the African Qualifier Senior Team in Kampala, Uganda 2019, and the African Championship Senior Team. In Dakar, Senegal 2019. Ganna was parts of titles and stages including 3×3 u23 Nations League 2021 Africa/Asia stop in Cairo, 3×3 u23 Nations League final 2021 in Romania.

Dribble Delight

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

During her studies, Ganna joined the university’s basketball team (AAST), and competed with them in the Inter-Universities Championship in Barcelona, Spain 2018, ranking 2nd place. The athlete has always had a remarkable passion in basketball, she loved the game, the court, being part of the team, and the incomparable power of the team spirit.

“It’s like you are part of something big, bigger than you, and it feels wholesome.”

The Beat of the Process

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

Like everyone who overtakes a journey in life, there are ups and downs. “I had a major surgery in my hands when I was 15, I didn’t and couldn’t play for a year. However, I always believed this is not how my story ends, I will do more in my life, and basketball, there WILL be a comeback!  I had another in my nose, it broke a couple of times during the game and I had to play with a mask, which was very uncomfortable and difficult. These surgeries made me want to get back stronger and more passionate. Education-wise, like all professional athletes, I’ve been taught time-management so I have a manageable schedule between work, life, and basketball.”

To The Women Reading;

Ganna Mostafa Basket Ball

“They said girls shouldn’t or couldn’t play sports, but being an athlete gives us so much mental maturity. Sports are essential. My graduation project was all about women empowerment in sports. It makes a revolutionary difference to play sports; mental stability, maturity, emotional balance, time management, and a healthy wholesome lifestyle. Women who play sports will feel powerful, and belonging in something great. Women can do anything they want to. Nothing can stop a woman, women are powerful.”

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”

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