Genetics did not stop Sara Ezzat from changing her life

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For everyone struggling with his/her weight the only thing stopping you from achieving your dream goal is You! Neither you genes nor your food addiction it’s all about your relation with your mind. Here is a successful story about this young lady Sara Hesham, the genetic characteristics of her family didn’t form a barrier between her & her goal, she decided to use this as her lifetime challenge.

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Sara Hesham, My favorite client she turned to be a source of motivation cause her commitment & believe made her journey so much interesting & fun she didn’t give much attention to the scale! She enjoyed every step & she loved the change! At the age of 17 her weight started to dramatically increase she decided to have a surgery when she was only 19! She used to be lazy & shy, she hated any kind of social interaction, no wedding parties, no outings, she didn’t love to show up a lot. Now she’s full of life trying to share her story with anyone struggling out there.


Sara Hisham

She started her journey at Nshape Weight Loss & Fitness center at the weight of 140 she lost 7 kilos, I was honored to be her trainer at the weight of 133 Now Sara is 102 Kilos she lost 31 more kilos & that’s only the start. Her one year transformation journey won’t stop here, it’s Just the beginning.

Her favorite quote is ” Push yourself, No one else is going to do it for you ”

Her message is ; *Have Control over your Mind * Never choose the easy way.

Stay tuned for more successful stories with @ashmawi 

Alaa Ashmawi

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