Get introduced to the new concept of STRONG by Zumba®

Strong By Zumba

You’ve heard of Zumba®, attended classes, and joined in to the dance fitness workout that is a party every time; but have you heard of STRONG by Zumba®?

Contrary to the assumptions, STRONG by Zumba® is NOT a dance class. It is a total body workout that combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training into one revolutionary high-intensity class.

Instructor Heba Khalil – Taken by Basma Fathy

Instead of counting repetitions and constantly thinking to yourself “Just WHEN is this workout going to END?”, the music in a STRONG by Zumba® class is “reversed-engineered” so that every beat has a move and the students move in sync with the beat.
It’s kind of hard to get bored in a workout when the music itself is motivating you to keep going and push yourself harder time after time you walk into a class.

A STRONG by Zumba® class consists of FOUR QUADRANTS, each appropriately named fitting the level of intensity.
After the warm-up, you’ll get to know the challenges as Quadrant One: IGNITE, Quadrant Two: FIRE UP, Quadrant Three: PUSH YOUR LIMITS, and last but not least Quadrant Four: FLOORPLAY.

QUADRANT One: IGNITE focuses on preparing your body for the HITT class and raising your heart rate with moves such as plank walk-outs, squat and lunge variations.

QUADRANT Two: FIRE UP incorporates moves such as mountain climbers, high knees and the Jab/Uppercut combos.

QUADRANT Three: PUSH YOUR LIMITS lives up to it’s name and is probably the most challenging quadrant of all four. It includes a large variation of exercise combinations that is sure to leave you out of breath.

QUADRANT Four: FLOORPLAY will have you planking and crunching on your mats for an intense core workout.

Instructor Ola Al Abany – Taken by Basma Fathy

Despite the active recovery segments in between the quadrants, students never actually stop moving.

Don’t stress though, you don’t need to win an Olympic gold medal in order to attend a STRONG by Zumba® class. Anyone, with or without a fitness background, is more than welcomed in a class. Even if you think you can’t do the maximum level of the moves, your instructor will offer lower switch-outs which are also very effective.

In spite of the complete difference between a regular Zumba® class and a STRONG by Zumba® class; both classes maintain the judgement-free and fun atmosphere everybody has come to love about a Zumba® class.

For the fitness junkies who are all about HITT workouts, STRONG by Zumba® is a way to add some fun movement to your routine, and for the Zumba® devotees, it is a way to add very important strength training to your workouts.
STRONG by Zumba® is a definite WIN-WIN situation no matter how you like your workout.

So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Find a STRONG by Zumba® class in your area now at


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