Get to know Anas: The manager, the athlete, and the life changer

Anas Personal Trainer

Renowned as the king of functional fitness Anas has made quite a name for himself as the trainer de mode in Cairo today. Gold’s gym has recognized his unique contribution to the field by naming him the best trainer in the history of Gold’s Gym Egypt.

This accolade coupled with his unique flair has lead to rapid rise through the ranks to become the manager of Gold’s Elite Katameya Heights.

Like many of the best trainers Anas is originally a high performance athlete and continues to play volleyball for the aviation Club currently ranked third in the super league.

What made you choose a career as a personal trainer?

My passion for fitness and health was apparent from an early age – so much so that my parents enrolled me in Cairo’s first sports school with a focus on Volleyball. The rigorous schedule of school life and daily training taught me persistence and commitment at a very early age.

Ana Personal Trainer

Although I studied commerce at University I was itching to get back to my passion, as captain of the volley ball team I saw how I could positively influence people to lead a healthier lifestyle, I decided that being an athlete wasn’t enough I wanted to reach a larger audience and  impact the lives of athletes and non athletes alike.

Do you think being a professional athlete gives you an edge as a trainer – if so how?

Ana Personal Trainer

I strongly believe that there is a huge carry over from professional sports to personal training. Primarily I have a deeper understanding of perservance; I know the effort and mental tenacity required to really achieve success.

As a team player I understand the dynamic of working with someone to get the best results from them. Communication skills are vital to a successful team and also between the client and trainer.

Additionally I have been trained by some of the best coaches in the business, observing and learning how they motivate, inspire and recover from setbacks had been a critical element in shaping the personal trainer I proud to be today.

You are obviously very busy as a manager and an athlete how do you find time to stay in shape?

Ana Personal Trainer

I will be honest it’s not easy, as the manager of Gold’s Elite Katameya Heights I work at least 9 hours, often more, I also practice with my team, so as you can imagine finding time to train isn’t easy but its important. I try to balance my lifestyle and practice what I teach. I have to make sacrifices – however ultimately fitness is my career and passion so I enjoy it.

What is the most important factor when designing programs for clients?

Ana Personal Trainer

It important to tailor the program to the clients and their goals, there is not one size fits all program – each client is unique. That said I place an overarching emphasis on posture. This is critical to long term health, repetitive movement patterns and muscular imbalances lead to issues overtime that impact a person’s quality of life. I assess the client and strive to make their body a place they can life happily, confidently and pain free –our body is the place we live in forever.

I try to make the workouts enjoyable and goal focused, and I train the mind as well as the body teaching the client to embrace their body and connect with it.

What or who helps motivate you and create the consistent habits required for success?

Ana Personal Trainer

My work is extremely rewarding – changing people lives and helping them to live better and healthier is what makes me work hard. When my trainee achieves their goal (aesthetic or lifestyle) seeing the satisfaction in their eyes propels me to seek more knowledge and study the science behind our bodies. I feel privileged that I am here to deliver a positive and beneficial message.

I have a competitive spirit, I’m an athlete after all, but my biggest competition is myself – I am always striving to be better than I was yesterday and working harder for tomorrow. My reputation and mental catalogue of techniques push me to be the best I can.

A final note on this matter: I have learnt never believe you know it all – there is always more to learn – listen to everyone – younger or older, in the same industry or a different one, if you are willing to listen you will see everyone has something to teach you.

What type of training routine do you follow?

My training is related to my sport: explosive power, strength, agility and speed are the focus, off season I prepare by taking a more rehabilitative approach whilst adding pure strength.

Do you follow any special nutrition principles, if yes, what are they?

I live a competitive athlete’s life 8 to 9 months in a year, so I have to eat four to five meals a day to recover from the four hours of training a day, six days a week. How I balance carb loading and high protein at the same time is the secret to keeping my performance high and to preventing myself from injuries.

Do you believe in using supplements? If yes, want are your top picks?

Supplements are very important for anyone especially that these days the quality of our food is compromised by chemicals and hormones. My favourite supplements are multivitamins, glutamine and protein (preferably a vegan one).

Anas Personal Trainer

What are your favourite three exercises?

  1. Sled push-pull
  2. Thrusters
  3. Varieties of push up

What are your favourite three workout tracks?

  1. Cheap thrills (Sia)
  2. Shape of you ( Ed sheeran)
  3. Lissa fe kaman (Hassan Elshafie)

What advice would you give to other people looking for a successful career in fitness with?

The industry is still fresh, full of potential; it has space to accommodate everyone and is thirsty for new players. Educate yourself, be different, make your own style, and look for long term success and survival.

Anas Personal Trainer

The industry is growing very fast so you have to be faster. Invest in yourself it will payback, it’s the best investment ever. Doesn’t look to others success, this will bog you down just focus on yours, set your goals, change the plans if it’s needed and follow your dreams.


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