Get your child to love fitness just like you do

Women workout with kid

Like father like son, like mother like daughter

Get your child to love fitness, just like you do

Your role as a parent doesn’t stop on keeping an eye on your child’s health or on his grades at school. If your child doesn’t get sick often this doesn’t mean he is a fit kid, if your child is doing good at school this is not the only thing to care about.

You have to care about your child’s fitness as much as you care about yours.

Do it together

Encouraging your child to be fit doesn’t have to come as an order, don’t force him to exercise or move a lot; the last thing your child needs is to feel that he has a lot of obligations. Instead go for long walks and when it is family’s day out go somewhere like malls where they can move while they‘re having fun.

You always tend to park your car near to the entrance; don’t do this when you’re with your kids. Park your car far away from the entrance.If you do remember where you’ve parked your carpretend as if you don’t ask for their help to find where the car is, so that they don’t feel bored while looking for it.

Aim for an hour a day

Kids need to move for a total of 60 minutes a day. It should be a mix of:

  • Aerobics (such as running and fast walking)
  • Muscle strengthening (push ups)
  • Bone strengthening (jumping rope)

It doesn’t have to be all at once it can be split up over the course of the day.


Shop Around for Classes

Go for classes like football, tennis, karate or dance; visit some classes for free before signing up.

Make them pick their favorite or the one you find they are most attracted to.


It’s time for some video games

When it comes to fitness video games are helpful. Yes!

Video games today are way different than before; sitting for long hours playing video games is no longer the only type of video games.

There are some game systems with a motion sensor like Kinect or Wii; it could be really entertaining and beneficial for the whole family members not just the kids.There are lots of games — physical fitness, yoga, sports, and dance.


Grab some fun gear

Physical activity doesn’t have to be a competition, and you don’t need fancy equipment.

Sure, a tennis racket or a pair of skis can provide a little inspiration, but a simple, affordable jump rope or an inflatable beach ball can do the trick, too.


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