Getting your curls back….

Getting your curls back

The 3 step plan to fixing your damaged curly hair!

There is a silver lining ahead of us at every dark turn, right? Recently, we have become talented at destroying our hair with every new trend; dip dyes, dyes, extensions, excessive blow drying, too much styling products, take wavy and make it straight, take curly and make it curlier, keratin, protein and even Botox! In no time your lovely curls will give in and fade with time into a mess.  You’ll eventually lose your hairs thickness as you keep stripping it of its natural oils and nutrients on a daily basis.

Not to worry though, I believe I have found a solution to repair our damaged curly hair! Yes, I’ve been researching for long now about how to get my curls back and believe it’s time to share my discoveries. I’ve experimented many different methods until I found one that has been proven to work well , so let me take you through the basic guide lines of repairing your damaged curly hair;

   1. The No Poo trend actually works!

The no shampoo trend has been around for some time now, not all of us have the guts to not shampoo our hair ever but there’s always a middle ground to work with. Curly hair is notorious for being the driest of all hair types, therefore, it needs conditioning. Here’s how you can go No Poo;

  • Throw out all the hair products that contains Sulfate which is the most damaging element for hair; baby shampoo is considered the most gentle form of shampoo around.
  • Don’t for the sake of crying out loud wash your hair every day, the best way to give your hair the chance to secrete its natural oils is washing it every two to three days.
  • Wash your hair with your favorite deep cleansing conditioner and use shampoo every now and then.



Blow drying your hair every day is just a traumatizing process for your hair, especially, those of you who do it for themselves at home. Your hair needs a break to breathe; here’s what you should do instead of blow drying your hair… Braid it!

Curly hair responds to braiding in an amazing manner. A braid will give you awesome waves after it’s dry and curl a bit those straight lifeless locks. If you’re not a big fan going out with your hair in a braid, just braid it at home after you’re out of shower then let your hair go loose and wavy.

Go to the salon once a month or twice max to get your hair cured and trimmed. Split ends enjoy the company of curly hair so avoid split ends with a monthly trimming and lots of conditioning.

Curl Hair

    3. Weekly Hair Masks!

Your curly hair needs lots of nutrition and lots of deep conditioning; hair masks on a weekly basis are exactly what your hair needs to regain its volume, strength, and curls.

  • For volume and length:

Arugula is almost the best herb you can possibly use for volume, length and strength, whether you eat it every day in your salad or drink it after working out at the gym.  You can even use Arugula oil ,it’s a very cheap hair miracle that will save you all that money on treatments that won’t give your hair half the nutrients it needs.

Here’s the trick: You can use Arugula oil by putting it on your hair overnight and wash it in the morning but you have to wash it really well…. Or use it once a week over night and that could fit well with the NO POO plan!


  • For shiny and smooth hair:

Almond oil and coconut oil both known for their amazing nutritional value for skin, hair and the body you can mix both together.  Put the mixture on your hair and wrap your hair with damp warm towel, wash it and let your hair rock with an amazing scent and glossy shimmer.

On a final note: Every hair reacts differently, take a slow journey with your hair till you find what it responds to best.  Stay away from washing your hair on a daily basis and blow drying…. Stay strong!


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