Give up on giving up

Give up on giving up

Year after another, you set your mind to change your life, follow the diet plan that will help you lose the weight your body needs, but you find yourself stuck with doing nothing. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to change your eating habits.

It means that you’re not doing it right.

Let’s find out what’s going wrong together

There are 3 signs that your diet will be an epic fail:

  1. Setting the same goal over and over with no noticeable change in your body weight, if that is the case then I think your diet is trying to tell you something. “I’m not doing you any good” This why pros are out there for, they are ready to help you whenever you ask.


  1. Following a nutrition plan to cut your weight down alone is probably the worst thing you can ever do to yourself. You will end up not achieving your weight loss goal and frustration will find its way to you. Try to surround yourself with people who share the same goals, you can find them at the gym for instance. Having someone around who wants to achieve the same thing as you do will keep you motivated.

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  1. Knowing that you will start an eating plan soon makes you eat more as if you’re saying goodbye to food and as a result you end up gaining even more weight instead of losing any. You activate your appetite towards food instead of shutting it down. Start your nutrition plan when you’re really ready for it. Don’t set your mind to it overnight and do it in the morning. Prepare yourself well before doing it, so that you won’t quit in the middle of it.


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