Glam Getaways: Glamorizing Egypt through Zumba

If you have ever attended a Zumba® class at your local gym or fitness studio nearby, then you have definitely experienced the good vibes, high spirits, and the wonderful “I feel good” energy that comes with Zumba®. Multiply this by hundreds, this is how we feel remembering the GLAM Getaways experience. Here’s to an unforgettable week!

Kicking off with  a massive welcome party at the Conrad hotel that lasted for 4 hours featuring 15 international Zumba® presenters alongside your all-time favorite Egyptian instructors; ANA GEORGESCU, BENJAMIN RICHARD, CAT CHIEMELU, ECEM ÖZCAN, FRANCESCA MARIA, HENDER CORREDOR-ESCALANTE, KELLY BULLARD, LORETTA BATES, ELENI DASKALOPOULOU, PRINCE PALTU-OB, RODRIGO ANGELLO, SANDRA HARNES, RONY GRATEREAUT, LATOYA BUFFORD, and YUKO TANAKA. 4 hours of non-stop Zumba® fun with world-class instructors from all over the world who have not failed to inspire us all night long.

Zumba Glam Welcome Party
Glam Getaways Welcome Party

Bags packed, Zumba wear and our favorite dancing shoes on as we set sail the next day on a luxurious Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

5 days of dancing to great music with fun people overlooking majestic scenery and exploring our very own history like never before. Can you imagine a Zumba® class with Luxor Temple in the background? Epic is an understatement! Cruisers went strolling and exploring fascinating places such as  Karnak temple, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Philae and much more.

Glam Nile Cruise Zumba

Wait there was more! Everyone had a blast at the Galabeya themed party on Thursday night where we got to dress up and dance together. Our farewell to this amazing trip took place at the beauty of the Nile the city of “Nubia” and its beautiful people; where we experienced the true essence of the Nubian culture through food, camel rides, dance and a whole lot of colors just like our Zumba wear.

Zumba Nile Cruise Glam

Our last 2 days were spent in Cairo in the presence of greatness…The Pyramids of Giza! What’s a trip to Egypt without seeing Cairo’s wonders?  Add to that the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, Khan Al Khalili (souks) and Al Moez street…the whole shebang!

Fitness has become a key part of the world’s culture, plus it also consistently retains its attractiveness as a form of entertainment and tourism. Health & Wellness tourism is a growing sector within the travel industry worldwide; talk about enhancing tourism and putting Egypt on the Zumba® map…GLAM Getaways has just achieved that!

GLAM Getaways is organized by Sally Salama, Licensed Zumba® instructor and Managing Director at Hadath Co.


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