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Gold standard has it all, it combines between 3 types of protein; whey protein isolates, whey concentrate, and hydrolyzed isolates so it suits most athlete’s’ purposes.  The Whey Gold Standard supply’s 24 grams of protein per serving (scoop/31grams) with only 2 grams of sugar, 1.5 grams fat 3 grams of carbohydrates and low sodium (130 mg).

100% Whey Gold Standard, Picture Rights Reserved to BP Store Egypt

What makes it special.

With all the different types of protein, a lot of people ask, what’s the best type of protein? But the answer is all of them. And that’s the main benefit of “100% whey Gold Standard” is that it fuels the body with all these different types of protein to get the most benefits. It’s important to get the protein from different sources. And the best way is to use real whey like gold standard.

Product benefits over others

  • Comes in various sizes and we are talking numerous variety (1LB. , 1.9Lbs., 2Lbs., 3.5Lbs., 4Lbs., 5Lbs., 8Lbs. 10Lbs.) and that suits all purposes and needs.
  • 19 different flavors, so no matter what your flavor you like, you’ll find it available.
  • More than just protein, it has L-Glutamine and BCAA.
  • Easily dissolved for better taste.
  • More trust worthy than many other protein powder products due to the history of the company (optimum nutrition).
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