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Ever since its inception, GROOVY has been all about feeling good on the inside and the outside. Our collaboration of fitness, beauty, and relaxation is what Groovy prides itself on. We aim to mix these three aspects of well-being and embellish them with professionalism and elegance. Products and services at Groovy range from skin-care treatments such as derma fillers and laser procedures all the way to nutritional services, dental spa, aesthetic surgeries, spa treatments, and a complete, modern gym.

Any services provided at Groovy are constantly under the supervision of doctors and medical professionals with vast experience in the field who endeavor to provide effectual and safe procedures for every client.


Groovy Medical Clinics:


Dermatology Services include:

1.       Laser Hair Removal

2.       Fractional Laser

3.       PRP injection

4.       Botox & Fillers

5.       Surgical Threads


Nutrition Services with the most professional doctors and latest plans.


Reginal Obesity Reduction:

1.       Cryolipolysis

2.       Cavitation

3.       LPG


Dental Services include:

1.       Bleaching

2.       Veneers

3.       Hollywood Smile

4.       Dental Lasers

5.       Smile Design


Plastic surgeries:

We provide variety of liposuction surgeries with vaser liposound, breast surgeries in addition to all other body contouring surgeries.


Weight Reduction Surgeries:

We provide all of our weight surgeries in laparoscopic with no marks for surgery.


Groovy Wellness Center:

·         GYM with smart System

The smart ID that helps clients keep track of their progress and gives specific fitness tasks in order to achieve their fitness goals.

·         In addition to diversity of fitness classes, including Zumba, Yoga, TRX, Kickboxing and many more.


Luxurious SPA

·         Indulge yourself in a Moroccan or Turkish bath.

·         In addition to all facial treatments.

·         Also, you can enjoy our unique relaxing massage of all types.


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