H2O Gym – Men (Haram Branch)

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Address 44 B El-Ahram St.
Telephone 01090000056
Website http://www.h2o-gym.com/




Wake up for the beat of fitness & energy at H2O gym in :

• 1000 meter square Main Work Out with latest equipments for muscles and bodybuilding exercises • Aerobics room for various aerobics classes
• Spa & Jacuzzi
• Sauna ” with Infrared ” * & Steam
• Cardio – fitness
• Nutrition program
* Brief information about the Infrared Sauna : The sun has many amazing health benefits for your body. Unfortunately, because of the depleted ozone layer, many of the sun’s rays can be very harmful to the human body.

This unfortunately makes the sun something for us to avoid, instead of something for us to submerge ourselves in for all of its healing properties. Imagine if you could have access to all the sun’s healing rays on a daily basis without any of the dangers.

Well, that’s exactly what the infrared sauna does. Many doctors all over the world are starting to recognize the many benefits infrared saunas can offer their patients, from detoxifying the body to increased energy, burning calories, lowering blood pressure, pain relief, decreasing inflammation, alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms and just overall good health. With the way the world is today and all that we are exposed to, having your own infrared sauna will make a world of difference in the quality of life you can experience. Our memberships are designed to suit you and your lifestyle.

A Life Time Fitness membership gives you more ways to keep your body fit and your spirit strong. Don’t forget to ask for your gifts from H2O

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One Year 2200 L.E and 6 months 1300 L.E Including Saudna , Jacuzi , Spa , Aerobics classes and Body building area and free invitations and limited PT trainer


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