Hair-Care Tips

Sixty-nine percent of women are more confident after a dye job.

Choose permanent color. You can go darker or lighter and cover gray, but try not to stray too far from your natural shade. “You don’t want to get stuck with a dramatic change that you dislike.

If you are coloring your hair for the first time, try mousse like product to avoid the mess.

For perfect highlights, never go more than two shades lighter than your natural color.

Make It Last

End every shower with a cold rinse. “This makes the cuticle layer lie flat, so hair is more reflective

Permanent color can change over time. Use shampoos and conditioners designed to offset brassiness.

Discover Your Best Hair Color

If you have…

Fair skin + dark eyes: Try a golden blond or brown. The rich­ness of gold tones brings out dark eyes’ sparkle.

Medium skin + light eyes: Dark blond to honey brown will warm up your skin and make your eyes pop.

Medium skin + dark eyes: Chocolate, caramel, and auburn will keep your complexion from appearing washed out.

Dark skin + dark eyes: Your skin looks vibrant against espresso or cocoa hues with highlights in the same family.

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