Hall of Fame: Mohamed Magdy

Success Story

Meet Mohamed Magdy

We asked Mohamed Madgy to share his inspiring story and this is what he said,

“I am 27 years old. Last year I was 145 KG, suffering from being overweight on my knee
joints and exerting great effort just to sleep. I decided to change all of that. I decided to be a
normal, fit person who can walk and talk at the same time without getting exhausted or
having any problems.  So I went to the nearest gym I found and signed up there. As I always
say, God will never fight your war. Yet, he will support you when you decide to start
fighting. So, first gift from God was that some people gave me advice that made the

I made 5 rules for myself to stay motivated and on track.

One, make it part of your lifestyle.
Two, have patience.
Three, train with a partner that is as dedicated to the lifestyle as you are.
Four, put a realistic deadline.
Five, Hard work beats talent.

I was blessed with a talented trainer, Coach Ahmed Hamdy, who transformed me to the new
me with an effective diet plan and training programs and Eight Fitness Club, the facility
itself and the very positive environment that encouraged me to workout.
Now, I am 95 KG, maintaining my lean muscle mass and losing body fats. My transformation
took me around 3 months. Now, I am energetic, healthy, and happy.

I am a source of motivation to those who say that’s impossible and I believe that nothing is
impossible. People might think it is hard dieting and work-outing. I say with determination and
the right motivation, you will get there eventually and gradually. And as I say, it is better to be
out of breath and aching in pain and saying “I did it” than to be every other person saying, “It is impossible”.
Mohamed Magdy is an inspiration to all his friends and family.  He has accomplished what seems to be “impossible” to most people.  Mohamed Magdy is living proof that dedication, and with the right motivation, your goals can become reality.

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