Hania Aboulmakarem| A Full-time Volleyball Athlete & Coach

Hania LA7

Hania has been an athlete all her life. She played volleyball professionally in the Heliopolis sporting club team and in the AUC’s women’s volley ball team during her study of architectural engineering. Hania graduated in 2015 and pursued her career in Architectural engineering and retired as an athlete. She was always active, training consistently so she started considering and developing an interest in pursuing a career in the fitness world. She admired the effect of sports and how it gives back to your body in aspects of strengthening and empowering both your character and your physical and mental health. Hania wanted everyone to experience and have that impact.

Hania Abuelmakarem LA7

“I believe in the cause 100% and I truly advocate for fitness as a mean to live a balanced well life.” Hania started her fitness career in 2017 as a part time job alongside her full-time corporate job; She became an EXOS certified performance specialist and kick started her career with coaching group sessions for general population clients while coaching athletes at the same time. 4 years later, Hania quit her corporate job, and granted fitness and sports her ultimate time and focus, to the point where she never considered it a consuming or burdening job in any way. “This is truly priceless and has turned my life around doing something that I truly love and believe in. “

Hania Abuelmakarem LA7

“I truly believe in the importance of continuous education and knowledge, and along the past years I have invested in myself in various ways to enhance my skills and knowledge.” Hania got certified as a an FRC mobility specialist, EXOS performance specialist and an ISSA & PN1 nutritionist, among other qualified courses and workshops regarding fat loss, strength training and rehab. Hania now coaches at LA7 gym.

Hania Abuelmakarem LA7

“Being raised by a very strong woman, I view women as capable, competent and strong beings and my message to women in women empowerment month is to strive to be stronger every day and live your life authentically with confidence, to be able to find meaning and joy within you and what you do. To know themselves, own their power and constantly work on growing and giving themselves a life full of success and wellbeing on every aspect.”

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