Headstand or Sirsasana may look like it

Yoga Headstand Pose
Yoga Headstand Pose

When your world turns upside down, it doesn’t always mean that something bad happened. It can be you practicing yoga Headstand or Sirsasana, it may look like it’s a funny trick or something you do to get other people impressed, however, this pose has several health benefits than it may seem.

Remember first, if you have any neck or back issues or you are pregnant, it may not be safe to practice headstand posture. But if you have healthy neck and back, don’t hesitate to practice it until you get professional.


Yoga Headstand Steps:

Yoga Head Position

Step 1: On your hands and knees, bring the crown of your head to the ground. With your palms flat and near your head, bring your hands away from your face – this creates the ‘tripod’ between the head and hands. Your forearms should now be perpendicular to the ground. Lift your knees up and walk your feet in. Stay here for 5-20 breaths.

Step 2: When your feet are in as close as possible (essentially your bum is aligned on top of the head and the shoulders), try bringing each knee, one at a time, to rest on top of your triceps (teddy bear headstand). Stay here for 5-20 breaths.

Step 3: In teddy bear headstand, engage your abdominals and float the knees off your triceps, bring your knees to touch and keep your legs bent, with your heels near your bum. Stay here for 5-20 breaths.

Step 4: With your knees and big toes touching, roll your bent legs slowly upwards, until your knees are pointing up to the ceiling. Going through all theses motions slowly requires engaging core strength. Stay 5-20 breaths.

Step 5: Finally, extend your legs straight up into the air. Seal the inner legs together. Hold for as long as you desire, then come down slowly, the exact same way you rolled up!
If you are a beginner you can practice a headstand against the wall until you get used to it.

Headstands Benefits:
  • Yoga headstand stimulates refreshed blood to the hypothalamus glands which are considered the master glands in our bodies, and helps pure blood to flow in the brain cells.
  • Yoga Headstands help strengthen shoulder, neck, spine and arms.
  • Eliminate your chances of having an ischemic stroke
  • Headstands also improve circulation and insure proper blood supply.



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