Hip-Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs Classes

Abs is classified among the hardest workouts, with all those crunches and sit-ups, where you are always asked to be really patient in order to notice results. The thing is now it can get a whole lot better and fun too.

Now you can have the ABS you’ve always wanted without ever doing a single crunch or sit-up!

What is Hip-Hop abs?

The Hip Hop workouts last from 24-45 minutes, the dance aspect of the program forces you to concentrate on the movements alone, and while other workouts know how to bore you down with repetitiveness, Hip Hop abs keeps you entertained throughout.

How does it work?

Hip Hop abs targets your core from multitude of angles. Each move throughout the workouts is somehow activating the core.

Ever thought that you could activate your abs while still doing cardio? You actually can!

In a matter of 30 days of hard work you will put some abs on that body.

Where can you find it?

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