HIT CLAN goes outdoor in Fairmont: A new era for Heliopolis residents.


Do you often wonder if the perfect workout location is present within the borders of Heliopolis? Well, it actually is! You finally have access to a fully integrated outdoor group training location and it gets better!

We know you’ve probably been waiting for this for a long time now, but if you believe that the time has come for you to spice up your athletic life and change your closed gym routine, HIT CLAN is just around the corner!

Here are the six reasons why HIT CLAN is creating quite the buzz!


Hit Clan Founders

HIT CLAN was co-founded by Abd El Rahman Alaa and Sherif Nassar. Despite their different educational backgrounds as pharmacy and political science graduates, the two managed to create this world-class sports and fitness entity and have been in the business long enough to get you set on track safely and efficiently!


Hit Clan Coaches

We can never speak enough of the coaches at HIT CLAN. They were carefully chosen among the finest in the field to complement the vision and the mission of
HIT CLAN and to reflect nothing but quality. They are young, which makes it easy to communicate with them. All of their coaches are adequately certified and injury oriented to always keep on eye on you during your workouts and give you all the advice you need afterwards.


Unlike the popular belief, HIT CLAN doesn’t just offer CrossFit. They have a wide range of other programs that you can join. They are even given cool names such as Focus, Triple Threat, 21, Fast Track, Rise & Shine, and The Climb. One can’t forget that in HIT CLAN, you can find the “Weight Loss & Toning” which people have been giving quite the credits and the transformation pictures speak best, not to mention the “Yoga” sessions that you have been meaning to start are also available there with their one and only certified yogi Diala Jamaleddine. If you are a guy, a lady or even a teen, there are specific programs tailored just for you.
Basically, HIT CLAN has something for everyone. When we say everyone, we mean it; they have a customized online program “Connect” for busy people who can’t be present during sessions or live far away from their locations. How great is this? And you can always find yourself a great Personal Trainer in HIT CLAN through their personal training program. If you happen to be a starting or current athlete, old or young, you name it, there is something for you in HIT CLAN.


Hit Clan Team


Scrolling down their social media accounts, you can tell from the friendly faces, the smiles, the team-work, and the light atmosphere, how amazing the community is in HIT CLAN. The best thing is, the people of HIT are always keen to grow with their “CLAN”, as they like to call it. When someone new joins them, they make sure to always give them the warm welcome they deserve. Apart from that, they have chosen perfect locations that ensure such atmosphere between their Concord Plaza roof venue, their spacious Heliopolis Sporting Club venue and their of course sunny renowned Fairmont Heliopolis venue!


HIT CLAN started out in Heliopolis. Fast forward to today, HIT CLAN has three different branches; two of them in some prime locations in Heliopolis, which the people of HIT CLAN now call home (Heliopolis Sporting Club and Fairmont Heliopolis) and one at 5th settlement, Concord Plaza Mall. If the three branches have something in common, it is the great facilities and high-quality equipment.


HIT CLAN contributed to the lives of many and they are ready to change your life too. If you have any questions about HIT CLAN and the programs they offer, you can always ask them directly. Call 010 9649 8452 and follow them on their social media channels and stay up to date. It’s about time you unleash the fit guru in you! Facebook Instagram

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